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Monday, July 05, 2004


For anyone who has an interest in what's going on in Iraq, the folks over at Something Awful have some interesting stuff up today. One of their readers, who goes by the name "Greenmeat" was being deployed to Iraq some time back along with his intelligence platoon. Problem was- they were going without the armor normally advised for such missions.

The guys at Something Awful, whatever else you may think of them, came through with real style. The outcome of their efforts was amazing, and the total result of the effort was just awesome. Greenmeat's platoon would have their armor, and then some. Just one more thing dispelling the notion that gamers are terrible people.

Since then, we haven't heard from Greenmeat, until just recently when we recevied a letter, some photographs, and one helluva video clip. It's worth taking a look at.

Just go find the July 5, 2004 Front Page (I'll link it tomorrow when it gets its own URL) and start reading.

UPDATE:You can find the page in question here.


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