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Thursday, July 08, 2004

A Public Service Message from Total Drek

Just two quick things for your edification,

First, for all of you out there who are practicing social scientists: If you construct a variable that covers an interval of, say, 60-65, don't report that it covers an interval of 60-67. Bloody hell, the next time I find one of you geniuses doing this I'm gonna drive to your house and kick your ass.

Second, and on a much more pleasant note, Piro over at Megatokyo has probably written the most succinct and useful advice to bloggers I've ever seen.

I think that a lot of things that happen to people, the kind of things that you write entries in your journal about, are not always interesting, or entertaining, or even moving. I am sure that some of you probably think "so, your eye is all right, get over it." It's easy to take what other people are thinking or feeling, and apply your own scale of values to it. It's really easy to belittle how people feel when you aren't feeling it yourself. But as a writer, it is also important to understand that very fact: just because you feel something and you write it down, it doesn't mean you are communicating what you feel effectively. Just because it means something to you, doesn't mean it will to others.

Ah, well done, Piro! I couldn't have said it better myself. Really, I couldn't have. I know because I tried. Admittedly I didn't try very HARD, but that isn't the point.


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