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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

For better or for worse...

I have returned to my happy home and am trying to get things organized before going to the ASAs. Washington D.C. was great, I'm very pleased to have gone and seen my friends, but as always reality intrudes. Well, reality really intruded when I found myself working on lectures for my class this fall while sitting in Dupont Circle, but let's try and ignore that.

For those who enjoy camping, allow me to introduce the mountain pie maker. Basically this little gadget, described here, can make any camping trip a gut-busting feast. I have to suggest, however, that you use ready-made biscuit dough or pie crust dough if you decide to make a dessert. Plain old bread just doesn't quite do the job.

So, I do hope that all of you consider attending the blogger's get-together that Kickass Sociology was nice enough to organize. I'll probably be there myself, but I wouldn't go looking for some guy with a "Hello, my name is Drek" tag. Just follow the ass jokes, I'm sure you'll find me. Or a startling facsimile.

UPDATE: With unexpected vehemence, Belle Reve over at the magic eraser has informed us here at Total Drek that her former husband's family invented and still sells the item I referred to as a "mountain pie maker." You can check it out here. While they refer to this little item as a "Pie Iron," it looks the same to me and I reckon "pie iron" is a bit easier to say over and over again. Certainly it's faster to type than "mountain pie maker." I mean, damn.

So, without taking a stand on the whole "mountain pie maker" vs. "pie iron" controversy, let me just direct you over to the pie iron site, which at least has a clear picture of the damned thing.

As for your offer of a cookbook, Belle, I'm going to have to decline. Much as I love cookbooks (no, seriously) I don't own a mountain pie maker and, thus, would get very little use out of a cookbook for it. I was introduced to the pie iron by a chemistry grad student named Megan, who not only owns one, but appears to worship it as some sort of dark non-stick god. I WOULD, however, be fascinated if you'd post some of the recipes on your blog or, failing that, e-mail me some that I can post.


Blogger Belle Reve said...

I am YELLING at my computer right now.
My former husband's family INVENTED and STILL SELLS this gadget ( Let me know if you want me to mail you the cook book. Seriously.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004 1:48:00 PM  

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