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Friday, August 06, 2004

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...

Pretty much a plane, actually. Well, ladies and gentlemen, as you read this I am winging my way across these great United States towards the nation's capital- Washington, D.C. Am I going for some nefarious purpose? Am I going for political activism? Is this trip somehow related to my new side business?

Nah, I just really want to get the hell out of dodge for a few days before the Sociological Orgy that constitutes the ASAs. You can interpret that orgy remark as literally as you care to.

So why D.C? Well, simply put, because I used to live there and three of my best friends live either in D.C. or in Baltimore, which is practically the same thing. During this most excellent adventure I will see the following people:

Laurie: A diminutive brunette I met in college (Who shared one of my majors with me and roomed with my ex-girlfriend), she will be playing host to my sorry carcass. When she's not working with troubled children in the legal system she enjoys kick-boxing and volunteering for a local rescue squad. I hear she's driving the ambulance now.

Reema: A tough Palestinian-American law student, she and I were for a time two of the most hated people in our college's student government association. Why was this the case? Well, personally I blame it on the fact that we were RIGHT about something. It turns out being right isn't very popular; most people seem to prefer a pleasant fiction to an uncomfortable reality. In any case, Reema is largely responsible for my continued (approximation of) sanity. In addition to student government, we shared an interest in middle-eastern politics, and, strangely enough, Dawson's Creek. Sometimes shitty t.v. is just what the doctor ordered. When she's not studying for her classes, Reema is volunteering for pro-Palestinian groups in Israel or otherwise making herself a pain-in-the-ass. That's why I'm so proud of her.

Jordan: A very sweet and lovable gentleman that I've known since high school. Back then we were in AP American History and, being dorks, ended up referring to each other as Henry Clay (him) and John C. Calhoun (Who looks rather startlingly like Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame in this photograph. As a further side note: holy shit, somebody made a musical version of the Evil Dead movies?) Our further adventures in high school involved nothing spectacularly interesting, except for the discovery that he dances exactly like Seinfeld's Elaine, and that time when I set him up with a prom date who turned out to be a lesbian. He now works as a freelance science writer and, I am told, is dating a "really hot astronomer from Chicago."

So, wish me luck with my trip. I'm hoping that I manage to get through security without a full body-cavity search (that is the absolute LAST time I try to carry a copy of The Communist Manifesto onboard) and with any luck my airline experience will not in any way resemble these guys'.

If you happen to be in the D.C. area, I'll probably be dropping by Atilla's on Columbia Pike, which has the best Turkish food I've ever eaten. Feel free to try and find me. If you don't happen to live in the D.C. area.... just try to imagine REAL HARD.


Blogger procfreak said...

uh oh...there's the possibility of a Drek/YLH meeting. how scary could that be?!

Friday, August 06, 2004 10:11:00 AM  

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