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Monday, August 09, 2004

So much marble, so little time...

Well, blogfans, I am reporting now from a small apartment in Georgetown, where my friend Reema has allowed me to camp out for a few hours. My visit to Washington, D.C. has, thus far, been everything I had hoped for and more.

And when I say "more" I'm specifically referring to the drunken Ecuadorian man on the Metro last night who told me he loved me, and asked if I had a place to sleep. This has, needless to say, been a very flattering trip.

My journey is nearly at an end, however. I have gone camping with Laurie and the rest of her rescue squad (and been exposed to the wonders of the "mountain pie maker"), I've visited the new World War II memorial and found it to be a great deal more tasteful than anticipated, I've wandered the Air & Space museum with Jordan and discussed science fiction, and this eveneing I anticipate a search for good Lebanese food. I am particularly looking forward to that.

Alas, though, I leave Washington tonight for home and responsibility. Yet, still, I may rejoice in the nearness of the ASAs and the reckless abandon that entails.

Yeah, "reckless abandon," that's EXACTLY the way I'd describe it.


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