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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Presidential Debate Live Reactions- Volume One

Dubya, saying that "liberty" is our strategy is fucking ridiculous.

Yeah, the Patriot Act allows law enforcement to oppress the people, too.

"Everything possible," to protect America, John? That's gonna bite you on the ass later...

Does Bush even know what "vociferous" means?

George W. Bush: "Well, Jim, I'll bring US troops home when they're all dead. It's easier to ship them as cargo, am I right?"

Live e-mail from my buddy, Jose: They're in Miami. Remember how we alienated SoFla in the state debate tournaments? Having this thing down there annoys me. Notice also they aren't answering the questions.

"Get the job done right!" Outstanding line, Kerry.

Goddamn you, Bush! If the war is stupid, it is LEGITIMATE to say the war is stupid. It is NOT unpatriotic.

"When something is going wrong, you make it right!" Nice job, John.

Kerry just admitted his position and tried to justify it... hold your breath, let's see how this plays out...

Oh, c'mon John! Who doesn't want to invade Mexico?

Um... Bush, WHEN was the U.N. invited in?

Oh, yeah, Poland. THERE's a powerhouse nation.

George W. Bush: "Please join us in Iraq for a grand diversion."

Oh, poor baby, did Bushie-wushie think the debate was going to be fun?

Although, he IS making an effective emotional point about Kerry as a uniter.

Jesus, Bush forgot the term "Fedayeen-Saddam." Oh, also, he's blaming his total lack of a morning-after plan on our super-effective troops. Riiiight.

You don't send mixed signals, Dubya, we're all certain you're an unwavering moron.

Our alliance is NOT strong.

Kerry: "The truth is what good policy is based on."

Again with the 90% casualties/90% costs talking points. I'm guessing your staff really wants that as a sound bite, John. Nice point about North Korea getting nuclear weapons, though.

Niiiiice slow pitch over the plate about Bush lies. Let's see if Kerry can hit the damned thing...

GOOD reminder about your experience...

Nice point about the Iraq war as a recruiting poster for al Qaeda.

I'm going to class that as a pop-fly. So, can Bush catch it for an out?

Ok, so, turns out, he can't.

Wait, Bush is "loving" a war widow? He can't have meant that the way it sounded.

Yes, Bush, her husband's sacrifice WAS noble and worthy. However, your sending him to his death was vile.

"Spread freedom?" Is THAT what we're spreading? Thanks for clearing that up.

Good, John, remind everyone that Bush has no military experience to speak of. Good shift to solemnity.

Kerry: "It is vital for us not to confuse the war with the warriors. We've done that before." Nicely done.

Kerry: "Or you can have the President's plan, which is four words: More of the same."

The Pottery-Barn rule? Are you fucking kidding me, Kerry?

Update from Jose: Dude that's why I didn't like this plan. Bush is by no means a great otrator. If he says "wrong war, wrong place, wrong time" or "mixed signals" again I'll hurl. Kerry is a couple of shades short of Clinton. And that thumb thing has to stop.

"Close the borders?" John, them are some goddamn big borders.

I like the firm stand against imperialism, though.

Bush, police do not qualify as "troops."

Yes, a determined enemy called "angry civilians" is trying to defeat us.

Bloody-fuck, Bush keeps trying to argue that, "If you disagree with me, you can't be president!" Say, WHAT?!

Bush: "They're fighting us because they're fighting freedom." Are you joking? What the fuck does that mean?!

Oh, shit, George, you repeated Kerry's "last resort" criteria. Can John follow-through on it?

Dubya, you did NOT solve the Libya problem. Fuck, you never mentioned Libya until you smelled a PR opportunity.

Well, Kerry isn't following through the way I expected, but refocussing onto Osama bin Laden is a pretty decent idea.

Kerry: "He also said Saddam Hussein would have been stronger. That is just factually incorrect."

Bush, the point isn't that we needed Hussein to disarm, it's that we didn't need to worry about Hussein.

Nice point about North Korean and Iranian nukes. Very nice.

John, you need to open up another can of whoop-ass. You're starting to get too nuanced for most voters.

Update from Jose: Bush says "Flip Flop" Kerry can't lead the world. Kerry says his plan is better than Bush's but deoesn't really say what it is.

I give them both a 2. Kerry avoids the 1 because he repeats himself less. Bush avoids the 1 because he's just a little more believable.

Maybe someone will say "What would this country be without this great land of ours."

So... why would sanctions work for Korea and Iran when we had to invade Iraq?

Yes, good boy, Kerry, smack Bush for pulling back from North Korea and creating the risk of nukes in the first goddamn place!

Bush, you are not one to bitch about withdrawing from multinational treaties/talks.

Oh, shit, a Sudanese-knuckleball for Kerry. Good luck...

Starting with Iran... not good, John. At least you kept it brief. "The African Union?" Are you serious?

YES! We are over-extended. Back-door draft, good! Say it- say we're less safe because we're over-extended. Good point about your plans.

Bush, humanitarian supplies are basically a band-aid on a severed-limb when it comes to the Sudanese genocide.

Yeah, the end of the rainy season will also simplify military actions. Look for the death-toll to rise.

Character issues? Aw, hell, this oughta be interesting...

Fuck, I gotta say this: Bush had a decent cut on Kerry's congress record, even if it WAS ad hominem as hell.

Update from Jose: Yeah I caught the dot com reference. [Kerry's plan] I thought it was a good move too. I think as long as Kerry pushes the Iraq button he does well. I don't think he wins elsewhere.

Kerry: "He's not acknowledging the truth of the science!"

Kerry: "And certainty can get you in trouble."

Bush: "What I won't do is change my core values." What, greed? Intolerance?

And Kerry smacks Bush with his nuclear non-proliferation dick.

Kerry: "We're serious about nuclear non-proliferation."

Bush: "Actually we've increased By thirty-five percent."

Ok, look, WE did not convince Libya to disarm. We're just trying to claim credit for it. And, hell, there's no reason to believe the missile defenses even work. The Pentagon won't even claim that.

The "bilateral talks with North Korea" point needs to be fleshed out more, John. It seems to contradict your own argument about alliances.

Putin is a strong ally in the war on terror? Yeah... dictators are like that.

Update from Jose: I've been saying all along that for the same reasons we went into Iraq we should have gone into No Korea first.

I really wish Bush would pronounce "Vladimir" properly. It isn't like we hate the Russians anymore for christ's sake.

Way to obliquely call Bush a liar, Kerry.

Yes, okay, right, you looked at the same intelligence. We've heard this.

Kerry: "He [Saddam Hussein] was a threat. That's not the issue. The issue is what you do about it."

Ooooohhhh... time for closing statements.

Kerry: "I defended this country as a young man in war, and I will defend it as a president."

Kerry: "I'm not talking about leaving, I'm talking about winning." Niiiiice.

God, Kerry's oratorical timing is almost flawless.

Bush is really going for the snide attacks, while Kerry goes for frontal assaults. Anyone think that'll help?

Bush: "I believe in the transformational power of liberty." What?

Bush: "For millions who plead in silence for liberty in the middle east." How does one 'plead in silence' exactly?

Bush, if this is God's continuing blessing... man, does god not like us much.

And that's the end. Hold onto your butts, CBS is getting ready to do their insta-poll...

Oh, shit, nice job hauling out the wives and children.

Laura Bush: "Damn you, Theresa, you're wearing the same dress I am!"

Theresa Heinz-Kerry: "At least my husband can dress himself."

Oh, good, the post-game show...

Dan Rather: "Senator McCain, Kerry says Bush was wrong. Valid point, or no?"

McCain: "No."

Um... what the hell was that, Dan?

Nobody doubts Bush's determination to win the war, we just doubt the ability of his policies to do so. Why is this so goddamn hard to grasp?

Joseph Biden isn't as convincing as McCain, but makes much better points...

Biden: "I think he [Bush] does bleed internally for those loses of life." Well... he might want to get that looked at.

No joke, Kerry is better domestically, and tonight he DID show his similar skill with world affairs. Please let his poll number rise... I don't want that monkey Bush anymore.

I love how Biden and Kerry are turning the flip-flopper brush back on Bush. But will it work?

This debate was NOT even... Kerry won, but I'm still nervous. As I've said before, it ain't over til it's over.

And after the next commercial break, we get the insta-poll results...

Update from Jose: I will say that I think Kerry did address the flip-flop thing well. However I think it will get lost in the wash. If I absolutely had to I would say Kerry did better, mostly because I got tired of hearing Bush repeat himself. I think Kerry gets a bigger bump after this one, but Bush should get him on the town hall one. As usual, the last one about domestic issues will decide it. Who was it that said "It's the economy, stupid!"?

One of the missile tests was successful but I haven't followed it since I got out [of the United States Marine Corps]. As for taking credit for stuff, c'mon that's the american way!

I had ABC, but I switched to CBS. ABC comes in better on the bunny ears and the occasional static crash was annoying me. I watch CBS waiting for Rather to announce his retirement.

And the insta-poll results are:

Who won the Debate?

Kerry: 44%

Bush: 26%

Tie: 30%

Oh, shit, baby, that's what I want to see!!!

Has clear plan for Iraq:

Kerry: 51%

Bush: 38%

Let's just hope he does this well in the next few debates.


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Zoooo, dus hier zit je. Kom trug we zitten wachten podome!

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Ich habe keine Idee, ├╝ber was Sie sprechen!

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