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Monday, October 04, 2004

Burt Rutan just made you his bitch!

We here at Total Drek would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to Brian Binnie, Burt Rutan, and the entire team at Scaled Composites, LLC. for their history-making flight into space. The Scaled Composites craft SpaceShipOne just became the winner of the $10 million dollar Ansari X-Prize offered to the first team to launch a pilot and two passengers, or two passengers worth of cargo, into low Earth orbit twice within a week while using the same vehicle.

Don't know who Burt Rutan and scaled composites are? They're the folks that brought us the round-the-world non-stop airplane, Voyager. Now they've brought us cheap, reusable spacecraft. Think this is just a ridiculous stunt? Richard Branson, billionaire-owner of the Virgin Group (you know, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Music, Virgin Sacrifice, etc.) doesn't think so- his company has already licensed the technology for a space-tourism venture. We can only wait with anticipation to see if this matures into low-orbit satellite launches and other commercial services.

So, congratulations! We've taken another small step in the long journey toward human colonization of other planets... and demonstrated that even if we Americans can't run a damned election anymore, or elect a qualified president, we still have one thing going for us:

We build really kickass aerospace craft.


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