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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Vice-Presidential Debate Live Reactions

The following is a transcript of an Instant Messenger conversation that took place before, during, and after the Vice-Presidential Debate. The participants are:

Jose: A Panamanian-immigrant and former U.S. Marine who plans to vote Republican. He opposes gun control and favors strict interpretation of the constitution. Jose is currently pursuing a degree in computer science. He also has an unnatural fondness for sugary beverages.

Jordan: A science writer and moderate liberal thinker. He supports nationalized healthcare and opposes the Iraq war. He also plans to vote Democrat. Or, in his own words, “Jordan is a mack with the ladies, and enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic candlelit dinners, and voting Democrat.” Jordan came in part-way through the debate.

Drek: Your lovable host, who already voted Democrat, and considers himself a left-leaning moderate. He also would definitely not consider himself a "mack" with the ladies, but everyone needs a goal.

I’ve inserted a number of comments in [brackets] to clarify or expand on what is being said. We’ve all known each other since high school, so there are a few in-jokes I’ve tried to explain.

Let’s begin!

Jose: Whattup G

Drek: You hear about Paul Bremmer?

Jose: ??

Drek: Dude who used to be in charge in Iraq today said that troop levels there were never high enough... among other things.

Jose: I don't believe any of those people

Jose: If the General doesn't ask for more troops...I mean, he of all people should know

Drek: Nah, he wasn't the general. He was the guy they appointed to head the occupation afterwards. Civvie. So is he qualified to comment on troop levels? Maybe, maybe not, but it makes Bush look bad at a bad time.

Jose: Dude, Bush makes Bush look bad at the wrong debate, wrong place, wrong time

Jose: But debating is hard work

Drek: True enough. True enough. Tonight, though, we see what Cheney can do.

Drek: Yeah, debating is hard work, but then again, so is running foreign diplomacy.

Jose: I was making fun of Bush

Drek: I know. So was I.

Jose: Personally I expect that Edwards will take Cheney unless he gets caught by the old guy. Winning strategy for Cheney: patronize the lad

Drek: Well, Cheney needs to use as much experience/expertise as possible because Edwards is going to take the image battle no problem.

Jose: I think Edwards will get flustered if someone keeps making light of his position.

Drek: Could be, I dunno. I doubt we'll see Cheney come apart at the seams the way Bush did.

Jose: That's wht I think he can pull it off: "Don't worry Johnny, someday you'll be a real senator."

Drek: Definitely possible. Still, if Cheney is too patronizing, it'll work against him.

Jose: Well he has to answer the questions too, but I think he can remember that he doesn't have to convince his opponent but the audience

Drek: Yeah, I expect they'll both remember that. This should be more even than last Thursday.

Jose: I expect we'll hand out at least 3's but I'm hoping for 4's [Jose is referring to the scoring system for our event in high school debate, in which a 5 was maximum and a 1 was minimum.]

Drek: Hey, if Edwards can't pull 5's like Jones did... [I am referring to a team-mate who once got 5’s in every category because the 19 year old judge thought he was cute.]

Jose: If he uses the word stuff just once I'm jumping through the screen and choking him on national TV

Drek: "word stuff"?

Jose: "stuff" as in I want my...[Jose is referring to a speech Jones gave, which earned all 5’s, in which he used the phrase, “I want my stuff.”]

Drek: Shit, no lie.

Drek: When did nightly news get so retarded? I mean... damn.

Drek: Nightly News: "The candidates are courting single women," Shit, they need to get in line.

Jose: Hey I'm still waiting for Rather to quit. Cronkite would have done it...

Drek: God, Rather was a blast during the last election. Did we ever figure out if he was drunk or not?

Jose: My money's on him having a hooker just below the frame

Drek: That would account for it all right.

Drek: Shit, Rodney Dangerfield died!

Jose: And they took the X prize

Drek: That's kickass, eh? [The X-prize, not Dangerfield dying] I've been rooting for Rutan for a while now. Although how I resisted the Kessler Aerospace rotor-rocket I'll never know.

Jose: Hey man, I'll take it any way possible. They could have a first stage baloon for all I care

Drek: Someone WAS working on that, actually.

Jose: Why am I not surprised

Drek: Believe it or not- they were Rutan's closest competitor.

Jose: Now THAT is scary

Drek: I'm all for creativity, but...

Drek: Nightly News: "Barnyard language is out of the barn and there's no calling it back"? Who the hell writes this?

Jose: In Heavy Gear the lift system for Earth uses opposing cables to pull up loads out of planes in the upper atmosphere and pull loads down from high orbit at the same time. Creative, yes. Feasable...

Drek: Actually, I think most skyhooks are designed that way. It reduces the additional energy you have to add to take something up the cable, if you send something down at the same time.

Drek: Oh, yeah, bitch, here we go! [Translation: “I say, old Bean, the debate is starting."]

Jose: Yes but a monomolecular filament in the atmosphere moving at mach3+ ?

Drek: What's your point?

Jose: Who do you think will have the best coverage afterwards? [Of the debate, not monomolecular filament]

Drek: Well, I like CBS, but partially just for the instapolls.

Drek: Fuck, Edwards looks like he should be in Barbie's dream house playset.

Jose: I'll be on ABC since it comes in better. I'll switch later

Drek: Gotcha.

Drek: How long til the debate rules hit the fan, any bets?

Jose: I say the second question...and Cheney does it

Drek: Agreed.

Drek: Yep. There we go.

Drek: Bremmer.

Jose: I hate this thank you shit, but at least he kept it short

Drek: Cheney is looking good so far... the Bush team has learned.

Jose: He's so good, I don't even remember the question

Drek: Strangely, he hasn't answered it. I wonder if that was intentional...

Jose: Hmmm, ya think?

Drek: Could be.

Drek: Also: the sun might be hot.

Drek: Calm down, Democrat boy. No need to stutter.

Jose: He fuxored. [i.e. “Made a mistake.”]

Drek: Glad he's [Edwards] giving props to the soldiers.

Jose: He wants to use the same plan that worked on Bush...bad idea

Drek: Yep.

Drek: Although... on this point, since Cheney didn't answer the question...

Drek: I'm glad you're confident, but... Dick, can you say something more substantive?

Jose: "Operational Security?"

Drek: Right.

Drek: Edwards is making an awfull nuanced argument for national t.v.

Drek: Damn, Edwards, get Saddam and Osama straight!

Jose: Check the CIA files, same guy :-)

Drek: *laugh*

Jose: That was actually good by Edwards

Drek: Um... what? Cheney claims he didn't say there was a connection between Iraq and 9/11? Did I hear that right?

Jose: ja

Drek: Ho-kay.

Drek: In the nineteen eighties Reagan was boosting defense spending so much I rather doubt Cheney is exactly honest on Kerry's record there.

Jose: That can be checked I'm sure, but Kerry did vote against the last appropriations bill that had the body armor he was complaining about

Drek: Yeah, but the question is why. Riders are a bitch.

Drek: Cheney is coming across as a very reasonable guy. Edwards better watch it.

Jose: Don't get me started on riders. As far as I'm concerned and in my own pet issues, the Dems are kings of rider abuse

Drek: Ah... both sides are so guilty...

Drek: Edwards, back off of the righteousness.

Jose: Hey the Dems are for preemptive strikes too

Drek: Sure, it's just a question of when it's appropriate.

Jose: You say warlord, I say General Washington

Drek: He's [Edwards] got a point about the Afghan war/drug lords.

Jose: I know he does, but that doesn't mean we can do much about it.

Drek: True. True. But it does bear on the Administration's claims.

Drek: Wow. "Global Test." Here it comes...

Jose: You knew it was coming

Drek: Yeah.

Drek: Edwards: "First... we're actually going to tell the American people the truth." Nice, John, nice.

Jose: He's not using the Clinton thumb either [Jose is referring to a particular type of hand gesture, not Monica Lewinsky.]

Drek: Edwards: "It is critical that we be credible." Also good.

Drek: Shit, he's nailing this one.

Jose: wait, now he is

Drek: Five billion versus two-hundred billion? [For Gulf Wars I and II] Ouch.

Drek: Expensive war.

Drek: "The Allies?" Dick, that includes Poland, right?

Drek: Cheney: "You probably weren't there to vote for that." Nice cut on Edwards' newness, Dick.

Drek: Dick, don't go for the waffling bit. It ain't really working.

Jose: I was so hoping not to hear that phrase again

Drek: Look on the bright side: Cheney delivers it better.

Jose: As long as it's the only time

Drek: You wanna bet on that, buddy?

Jose: Not enough gold in El Dorado

Drek: Cheney: "...consistently come down on the wrong side." Good line, but it presupposes that we know what the "right" side is.

Jose: Remember, redefine the terms...if we're right they must be wrong

Drek: Cheney is masterful at stating his points so generally they almost can't be argued against.

Jose: motherfu*&^$&^%ER*&%^$&$

Drek: Hmm?

Jose: I thought he was gonna pull the waffle card

Drek: Muahahahaha!!!! He IS!!!

Jose: fork [i.e. goddamn that cockbite to hell!!!]

Drek: Edwards: "A long resume does not equal good judgment."

Drek: You know... sometimes you cut weapons systems because they don't work, or we don't need them, not because you're soft on defense.

Jose: That would require time to argue

Drek: Nice shot at Haliburton, let's watch Cheney smack it down... then again "The record speaks for itself"? Not a good line.

Drek: Again with the waffling bullshit. Who is calling these plays in the Bush camp?

Jose: Cheney wan't ready for that...and there go the rules by Edwards

Drek: Well, it's nice to be surprised once in a while...

Drek: Did you catch that Cheney sneer? I was waiting for it.

Jose: highly overdua

Drek: "Overdone"?

Jose: due

Drek: Edwards: "They have a plan for Iraq too: More of the same." And the Kerry camp repeats itself.

Jose: Only if he uses it again, one repeat is allowed

Drek: Edwards: "You need more than 35 people to have an election in Cleveland... much less Iraq." Nice.

Drek: Wow, Edwards was on a roll there.

Jose: Edwards does well once he gets going but he has to stop blinking

Jose: FORK!!!!

Drek: I hadn't noticed that. [The blinking] Heh. "Wrong time..." This is killing you.

Jose: you have no F^&$ING clue

Drek: I love that Bush and Cheney are trying to tell others how to make friends internationally. Are they joking?

Drek: Edwards: "90% of the coalition casualties are American casualties."

Drek: Woah. Cheney... buddy... careful there.

Jose: Technically, Iraq is not in the coalition. [Jose is responding to Cheney’s comment that Iraqis are also dying on our side in Iraq.]

Drek: This is true. Also, you CAN say that we're taking 90% of the casualties without demeaning others'.

Drek: I think Cheney is getting flustered a little. Maybe annoyed at having to debate this young pup?

Jose: maybe, but Edwards is losing points fast for violating the rules

Drek: Maybe, but it might make him look passionate the same way Bush's crappy pronunciation makes him look like a regular guy.

Jose: good point

Drek: Edwards was a good choice- he's got a southern accent, like Bush, but seems much smarter.

Jose: more smarterer

Drek: Heh.

Drek: Sure, Cheney asks lots of questions, he just doesn't listen to the answers he doesn't like.

Drek: Wait... Cheney is defending a connection between Saddam and al Qaeda after claiming he never made it. That's... stupid, but how many people actually noticed, I wonder?

Jose: not many...zarquawi is in Baghdad...that's all he needed to make his point

Drek: Oooohhhhh.... Haliburton and Iran question. Sweet!

Drek: He's [Cheney] answering it pretty well, though.

Jose: heh, he said penalize

Drek: *laugh*

Drek: Okay, jesus, again, Khaddafi and Libya wasn't Bush's doing. The timing was just convenient!

Jose: that spin job just left me dizzy

Drek: No shit.

Jose: but Edwards won't hit on it

Drek: Edwards: "There are sixty countries with members of al Qaeda in them. How many are we gonna invade?" That was nicely done.

Drek: But, he shouldn't slip up and confuse Iraq and Iran.

Jose: Yeah that's been my he [Cheney] likes global but not some global

Drek: So... if Cheney wanted to lift sanctions then, but not now... does that make him a waffler?

Jose: Now I see why Edwards was a good prosecutor..he goes for guilt by association...and nice shot by the moderator

Drek: Cheney keeps pulling out this, "Kerry and Edwards are just wrong," argument. It wasn't strong the first time, and it ain't now either.

Jose: I'm still waiting for the economy stuff

Drek: Me too, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Drek: Dangerous play by Edwards in supporting Israel. Makes him look strong, but will alienate Arab voters and might throw some credit to Bush/Cheney.

Drek: Good shot at the Saudis, though.

Jose: Kerry/Edwards have been targetting the Saudis for a while..Cheney's missing on this one...but if Edwards makes the connection that Israel defends itself just like the US in Afghaninstan he makes a good point

Drek: Oh, shit, Cheney really just smacked Edwards on his attendance record. And writing that makes me feel like I'm in high school. I mean, “attendance record?”

Drek: Wait... Cheney is arguing that Saddam causes suicide bombing in Israel? Wow... um... no.

Jose: Remember "they"’re all the same. And what f#$^ing plastic weapons?

Drek: Edwards: "He [Cheney] voted against a holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr."

Drek: Forget the weapons, who makes the plastic ammunition?

Jose: umm I can almost get those

Drek: Yeah? Um... cool?

Drek: Wait, did Cheney just say we lost jobs in the 9/11 attack?

Jose: Not really. Casing is mostly plastic with brass base, like a shotgun shell.

Drek: Cheney: "There's no antidote to poverty like a good, well-paying job." Jesus, I'm glad I have you here to tell me these things, Dick.

Drek: Low ferrous content in the brass?

Jose: keep dreaming, it will still get picked up by a metal detector

Drek: Fuck, man, as a teacher, I want parents to be accountable to ME.

Drek: Wow, did you catch that? Edwards just joked that Cheney is ignoring the questions.

Jose: Finally, after Cheney was getting him earlier

Jose: he's [Edwards] using the thumb again

Drek: And Edwards pounds Cheney on jobs... and yeah, Bush/Cheney ARE for outsourcing jobs.

Drek: Take your pick: thumb, or waffling?

Drek: It isn't like the Democrats didn't TRY on healthcare.

Jose: "Read my lips, no new taxes"

Drek: Edwards: "Family incomes are down, while the cost of everything is up.... Mr. Vice-President, I don't think this country can take four more years of your kind of experience."

Drek: And Edwards smacks them for being tax'n'spend Republicans.

Drek: Oooohhh... policy statement.

Jose: This will be good

Drek: He's handling the taxcut issue well, here.

Jose: 200K = middle class? Dude where're my food stamps?

Jose: That was good

Drek: Buddy, wealth=power. They can't set the bar too low and still get elected.

Drek: Here comes Cheney with neo-Reaganomics.

Jose: All the economics professors I've had liked Reagan

Drek: Why are small businesses paying under personal taxes?

Jose: Wholly owned business profits count as personal income

Drek: No evidence Reaganomics works, he's liked because he tried that whole "free market" thing.

Drek: Interesting...

Jose: Business law was a fun class

Drek: 98 tax hikes to 600 tax cuts? [Kerry’s Senate record] Good.

Jose: he [Cheney] has to let go of the damn attendance record [Edwards’]

Drek: He won't... he needs something to distract the viewers from his policies.

Drek: Not to mention the sneer.

Jose: that's his personality...might as well ask him to use the thumb

Drek: Heh.

Drek: Cheney is really side-stepping here. If one state authorizes gay marriage, all states have to recognize it. It's a de facto federal issue.

Jose: not so

Drek: Shit, Edwards, wade in on gay marriage.

Drek: Eh?

Jose: Driver's licenses are specifically reciprocated as are marriage licenses. If the reciprocity is removed...that's it

Drek: Yeah, the question is: could they specifically rescind the recognition for gay marriage. Might be... difficult, at best. Not to mention that it's one thing to oppose legalizing gay marriage, it's another to positively advance a policy to prohibit them.

Drek: I don't think Edwards is handling the gay marriage question well, here.

Drek: He's got a point about constitutional amendments, though.

Drek: Good call on the state-recognition issue. I'm both corrected, and fascinated.

Jose: It'a tough question..he [Cheney] actually says the same thing I do [About gay marriage], I don't like it but I don't think it should be forced one way or another...and don't get me started on constitutionality

Drek: If I don't get you started, man, who will?

Jose: My fingers will fail to convey my ire at most politicians as I am a strict constructionalist

Drek: You are a virtuous man.

Drek: You know, litigiousness is hardly the biggest problem in American healthcare.

Jose: I am also kind to animals, as long as they don't scratch my car

Drek: You go, Edwards, claim your past.

Drek: Edwards: "We want to put more responsibility on the lawyers."

Jose: Or, we could just throw out the frivolous cases to start with...

Drek: Yeah, but figuring one from the other is the trick, isn't it?

Jose: Well ,her as this panel to figure it out

Jose: he has that is

Drek: That's the plan I guess.

Drek: Jordan just showed up.

[At this point Jordan joined the chat.]

Drek: Greetings, kids.

Jordan: Yo. Hi Drek and Jose.

Jose: as someone on public health care, YOU DON"T WANT IT

Jordan: Why don't I want it?

Drek: You don't want it as it stands now, anyway.

Drek: Wait, is Cheney accusing Edwards of tax fraud?

Jose: I have some kind of weird arthritis that almost had me stuck in bed and it took almost 2 months to see a rheumatologist [Jose, as a veteran, uses the VA hospital system]

Drek: A lot of HMOs are like that too, you know.

Jordan: Cheney was accusing Edwards of tax fraud.

Jose: Yeah, but it wouldn't have been months. It would have been weeks

Drek: Ho-ho! AIDS question!

Drek: Not necessarily, Jose. HMOs can be real fuckers, especially with the ambiguous illnesses.

Jordan: He's not answering the question.

Jordan: (He = Cheney)

Drek: In his defense: rough question.

Jose: Assuming that you don't know where to send someone yes. I knew who I had to see even if I didn't know what the problem was

Jordan: The question was about AIDS in the US. Wait, he's talking about the US now.

Jordan: "Education and public awareness" = abstinence education

Drek: Yeah, Jose, but HMOs don't give a shit what you think. They barely care what the doctors think.

Drek: Woah abstinence! Wait, shit, I don't mean that...

Drek: Not that I have a hard time maintaining the whole celibacy thing just now...

Jose: I think you can only call it celibacy if it's a choice

Drek: Why is Edwards talking about the Sudanese genocide in response to an AIDS question?

Drek: Don't be picky, Jose.

Jordan: Of course, Edwards didn't answer the question either.

Jose: No one has answered a question all night

Drek: Oh, shit! That's a killer of a question about female vice-presidential nominees. Don't fuck this up, Edwards, you need female votes.

Jordan: Drek, how do I get John Kerry crap for making a donation to the DNC? [Jordan is not referring to actual John Kerry feces.]

Drek: So... what? Women don't have clear ideas?

Drek: Well, Kerry operates an online store called "KerryGear." I reckon Bush does something similar.

Jose: Yeah you should be able to ask your state party office

Drek: Jesus, Edwards' answer really blows gopher pole here.

Drek: Nice point about military dependents, though.

Jose: That's the second time the moderator has slapped Cheney

Drek: Second time he's deserved it... at least.

Jose: I think he needed it more often

Drek: Cheney has no further political aspirations because he couldn't possibly win the presidency.

Drek: Cheney made a good point about VP's needing to be able to take over.

Jose: Probably wouldn't make it that long either [Cheney, as president]

Jordan: Thanks, Drek. I will be ordering Kerry crap to display. [Once more, not actual Kerry feces]

Drek: Nobody doubts Bush's conviction, we doubt the wisdom of his approach.

Drek: Have fun, Jordan.

Drek: The moderator just smacked both of them. I liked that.

Jordan: Cheney is trying to play the regular-working-man card. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Jose: Yeah this moderator is good. She got them both earlier for not answering the question

Jordan: Yes, the moderator is doing great.

Drek: Cheney: Beause you need a cyborg for a V.P!

Jose: I nominate the moderator for best speaker this session

Drek: Seconded.

Drek: Really? Cheney advocates an aggressive policy? Is the sky blue, too?

Drek: And *smack* goes the moderator.

Jordan: Edwards: "We were attacked but we weren't attacked by Saddam Hussein." Smackdown.

Jordan: Indeed on the moderator-smack. I like this woman.

Jordan: Ah! He did it again! [Edwards referred to Kerry when specifically directed not to by the moderator.]

Jose: It depends on what your definition of" is" is

Drek: Crap, Edwards, try not to act like you're Kerry's bitch.

Drek: Heh. "is"

Jordan: Is is is.

Drek: Edwards: "You have to be strong, you have to be aggressive, but you also have to be smart." Niiiiiice.

Jordan: Indeed.

Jose: If you saw who is doing the airport screening you would realize that more of them would make it worse

Drek: Your brain bleeding yet, Jose? We're discussing flip-flopping.

Jose: As long as they avoid the key phrase

Jordan: The key phrase?

Drek: It ain't my scotch the baggage checkers are stealing.

Jose: wrong war wrong place wrong time [The key phrase]

Jose: And Edwards is doing well here

Drek: Yeah, the flip-flop weapon is dangerous as hell, and Edwards is wielding it skillfully.

Drek: Watch your time, Edwards.

Jordan: Yep, Edwards is playing the card well.

Jose: Patient's bill of rights never passed the house so it's at least 200 other people [Opposed to it other than Bush]


Drek: Cheney: "I can think of a lot of words to describe Kerry's position on Iraq- consistent isn't one of them." I'll bet many of the other words are somewhat rude.

Jose: make him stop

Drek: Which one?

Jose: Cheney

Drek: Heh. Just watch me on Novemeber 2nd, Jose. I’ll make him stop. [Actually, I voted absentee on Monday the 4th of October.]

Jordan: Wow, half of African-Americans are dropping out of HS.

Drek: Oooohhh... incentive argument. [By Edwards] Nice use of the Republican free-market!

Drek: Christ, what statistics is Cheney referring to? [Arguing that minority students are closing in on White students in academic test scores]

Jose: I say beat them to the drop out everyone!

Drek: Thrill as Edwards stuffs his foot down his throat!

Jordan: Ah, I missed it! What did Edwards say?

Jose: I like this question

Jordan: I like this question too.

Drek: After 9/11 Bush coulda pulled the friggin Communist Party. [In response to Cheney’s claim that Bush is a “uniter”]

Jose: Patriot Act? I'm on your [Cheney's] side and I don't like it

Jordan: BTW, Jose, nice screen name. [Omitted to protect Jose from my “legions” of fans]

Drek: I'm not cool with the Patriot Act, but we've all got our positions.

Jose: It's the activist in me


Drek: *laugh*

Drek: No shit about America being divided right now.

Jordan: Good job on this answer by Edwards.

Jose: I will challenge you to a duel if you don't like Zel Miller

Drek: Only so-so right now. [Edwards’ answer] Give him time.

Jordan: I challenge you to a duel.

Jordan: Wait, it's not a good idea to challenge a Marine to a duel.

Jordan: Never mind.

Drek: How about I just shoot both of you and simplify matters?

Jose: I'm not sure how we take paces in cyberspace though

Drek: I like the position [Edwards’] about drug companies.

Jose: Yeah that was good

Drek: Jesus, Cheney, just start somewhere! You're a smart guy, you'll fucking figure it out. [In response to Cheney’s comment that he didn’t know where to start]

Jordan: Edwards is getting some good sound bites.

Drek: Get ready to make the winner/loser call.

Drek: Nah, that point [By Edwards] was lame.

Jordan: Ooh, closing statements.

Jose: So we'll have the FDA doing their job but we'll circumvent them anyway?

Drek: Sounded like that to you too, huh?

Drek: Nice metaphor by Edwards. Edwards: "I have grown up in the bright light of America, but that light is flickering now."

Jordan: Edwards: "The Vice-President and President don't see it, but you do." Wow, risky appeal to audience.

Jose: Hey Drek, tell me about some of those bright lights you're teaching

Drek: Check out their [Kerry/Edwards] numbers- time to go for broke.

Drek: Jose: please don't ask. [About my students] They got their first test today. *shudder*

Jose: That's why he's a good the jury

Drek: Kerry/Edwards 2004: They can raise the dead!

Jordan: Look at Cheney's mouth. It looks like he's always sneering.

Drek: He shoulda got Maalox.

Jose: botox?

Drek: Maybe he's just evil?

Jordan: Yeah, that must be it.

Jose: dingdingding

Drek: Bush/Cheney 2004: Because you should be fucking terrified all the
goddamn time!

Jordan: The only viable option to win the war on terror is the one the president has chosen?????????????????????????????????????

Drek: You know... “Staggering drunkenly towards liberty.”

Jordan: How can he [Cheney] get away with saying that shit?

Drek: Or the toilet. [Something else Bush/Cheney might be staggeringly drunkenly towards, if not liberty. I was not asking how the toilet got away with saying anything]

Jose: Remember, redefine the terms to win

Drek: Let's see if anyone does an instapoll. I'm on CBS, Jose you've got ABC, can someone cover NBC?

Jose: ABC didn't last time

Jordan: I gots NBC.

Drek: I'm going to call an Edwards win, but not a blowout like last time.

Jordan: Tom Brokaw's voice makes me happy.

Drek: Cheney seemed way pissy.

Jordan: I call Edwards 58-42.

Drek: Jordan, I'm learning so much about you tonight... [Referring to the Brokaw remark]

Drek: Again with the family appearances. [Cheney and Edwards’ families]

Jordan: Tim Russert is doing the postgame on NBC.

Drek: We'e got Bob Scheiffer.

Jose: Edwards 55-45. I don't think he was as convincing as I wanted. But I give him a 5 and Cheney a 4

Drek: Ooo! They [CBS] just mentioned an instant poll.

Drek: No results yet... but I'll let you know.

Drek: Commentator: "There was a point when it seemed like these two really didn't like each other." No shit.

Jordan: Brokaw is doing boxing analogies. Dick Cheney = George Foreman. [One is forced to wonder about the grill]

Jordan: Instant analysis from senators Joe Biden (D-DE) and Lindsay Graham (R-SC).

Drek: Commentator: "That was certainly an all-you-can-eat soundbite buffet." HA!

Jordan: Nice!

Jose: We've got punching on ABC also

Drek: Lemme know how Biden does, he was shaky in the K/B debate last Thursday.

Jordan: Biden: "Edwards pointed out the facts." Now he's mumbling about how Cheney didn't talk about Halliburton or body armor in Iraq.

Drek: I think Dan Rather is a mannequin. When he talks, I think: "Thunderbirds are GO!"

Jordan: Brokaw: "What was the VP's best moment?"

Jordan: Graham: "Running the country for 4 years."

Drek: HA! One of my local commercials just used the slogan, "Wrong place, wrong time." Thought you'd want to know, Jose.

Jose: "There's a sharp difference of opinion here" Wow! What a revelation!

Drek: *laugh*

Jordan: Graham just said "last week wasn't the president's best night." Wow!

Jose: Someone kill me

Drek: At least he didn't almost choke on a pretzel.

Jose: ABC: wink wink, nudge nudge

Jordan: Huh?

Drek: Rob Portman (R-Ohio) claims Cheney did a good job explaining the administration's policies. Really? Did Cheney mention a policy?

Drek: Portman: "The Administration is facing some challenges on the economy." Like... the fact that we barely have one?

Jordan: Graham: "The Iraqis are dying for their own freedom."

Jordan: Commercial break on NBC.

Jose: Jennings was asking someone on the floor if the "spinners" felt ashamed and he said that they say what they have to say with a wink and a nudge

Drek: Portman: "He did make the link effectively between Saddam Hussein and terrorism." We've got spin all over the place, Houston.

Drek: Here comes Diane Feinstein (D-California)...

Jordan: Movie promo for "Friday Night Lights." Either of you read the book?

Drek: Nah.


Drek: Feinstein: "We saw a hope and an optimism that can turn this country around."

Jose: No book here

Drek: What's your deal with Feinstein?

Jose: She's the head gun grabber [i.e. favors the assault weapons ban]

Drek: Feinstein: "America has a clear choice." I'd agree with that.

Drek: Ah. Gun-grabber. Right.

Jordan: Back to the main event on NBC.

Jose: I don't know about the clear part

Drek: Feinstein: "I thought he [Cheney] looked like he was in denial... about what was happening. I didn't see that strong performance from Cheney."

Jordan: NBC's "Truth Squad" with Brian Williams, checking facts.

Drek: Here comes the poll after the next commercial break. I'll let you know.

Jordan: Cheney said, "I have not suggested a link between Iraq and 9/11" They showed a Meet the Press from 9/13/03, saying "if we invade Iraq, we will strike at the heart of al-Qaeda."

Drek: Nice. Very nice. That's gotta suck for Cheney.

Jose: uh, oh ABC Factcheckers online

Drek: Lemme know when Edwards gets reamed.

Jose: Cheney correct on casualty numbers, and he did make the hijaker/Iraq link

Jordan: Edwards' reaming: the GAO says, "Halliburton was the only company that could do the work."

Drek: Jesus, I got a commercial here for "buttery spray." What the hell is that?!

Jordan: Commercial break on NBC.

Drek: Go time.

Drek: And the verdict is... [On the instapoll]

Jordan: Ooh, they're making a movie about Ray Charles. [I have no idea what the fuck this has to do with anything. Then again, I was talking about buttery spray]

Drek: Edwards won.

Drek: Edwards: 41%

Drek: Cheney: 29%

Drek: Tie: 29%

Jose: ABC poll: Cheney 43, Edwards 35, Undecided 19

Drek: What's ABC's sample?

Drek: CBS is using "uncommitted" voters. 200.

Jose: Didn't say, at least 500...did say 38% rep 31% dem

Jordan: ABC WTF?

Drek: Interesting... they're showing sex-split with women favoring Edwards and men favoring Cheney.

Jose: "This will be as ancient as the peloponesian war"

Drek: When Cheney spoke about women, however, Women responded more to it than men. Big shocker there.

Jordan: Mary Matalin and Joe Lockhart speaking on NBC.

Jose: The punching keeps going on ABC, now we have hammering too

Drek: 56% said that the VP will affect the vote for president.

Jordan: Ooh, David Gregory is challenging Cheney's stay the course in Iraq answer.

Drek: Bob Scheifer: "The arguments that vice-president Cheney was making about Iraq tonight clearly did NOT take."

Jose: "My guess is we look forward to Friday night"

Drek: Rather: "Tonight the Cheney/Edwards debate was much more of a slugfest [than the Cheney/Lieberman debate]."

Jose: really? [That we should look forward to the second Bush/Kerry debate]

Drek: Nah. Who cares about the pres debates?

Jordan: NBC is talking to bloggers. Yawn. [Bite me.]

Drek: Well, that was kickass. Same bat-time on Friday, kids?

Jose: ABC is done

Jordan: What time Friday?

Jose: it should be 9est

Drek: Yeah. I'm having some folks over, but with luck I'll still be online.

Jordan: Wonkette: "Fighting with Dick Cheney is like fighting with the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man."

Jordan: NBC is done.

Jose: alright folks, we'll gear up for the next one

Drek: Sounds good. See y'all then.


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Best liveblogging ever! (in the voice of Comic Book Man)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004 8:05:00 AM  

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