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Friday, November 19, 2004

Better than the Jumbotron...

We've all seen those marriage proposals that take place in absurdly public ways. The guy going down on one knee in a restaurant, the guy with a bullhorn in an alleyway, and the invitation to marital bliss via the jumbotron at a sporting event, are all excellent examples. Yet, despite our collective experience with such things, I don't think any of us expected this (via a sociology mailing list):

Dear List

This morning this link came via another maillist:

The mail was a so called "Kettenbrief" or "chain mail" if this is the right word in english. This guy wants to makes a mariage proposal to his long time girlfriend, but he does not do it directly but sent the mail out to 50 people unknown to him and now wants to see when and how his proposal reaches his girlfriend, who doesn´t know that the email connected world is participating.

For those of you who know german or know anybody who can translate it, read his poem and what he writes on his web site. It´s the weirdest and most romantic use of social networking via email I have seen so far.

Best regards from germany

Now THERE'S an example of the Strength of Weak Ties, eh?


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