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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'm just curious, is all.

It recently came to my attention that everyone's favorite neo-fascist retail outlet, Walmart, has decided to expand into the computer market by offering internet access as a product. Now, I have no real problem with this. Let's face it, I'm more of a fan of the free market and capitalism than most sociologists. So, if a company wants to diversify, and add to the competition in an area, the more the merrier. I do have two itty-bitty questions, though.

First, Walmart, when you offer "Great Content," does that exclude any websites that speak negatively of Walmart, or perhaps question the dominion of your brand of Christian extremism over the thoughts and knowledge of Mankind? Is that "service" included in the "family-friendly controls," you advertise? Because we atheists are, apparently by definition, not family-friendly in your book. To say nothing of homosexuals. Or minorities.

Second, and more important, I applaud your efforts to leverage your key business assets into a share of a growing market, but I'm unsure how exactly you mean to do that. So, in the interest of clarity, can you explain how you intend to use unpaid foreign child labor to provide internet access?

Maybe have them run on a huge hamster wheel to provide electrical power for the web servers?

Just asking...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe have them run on a huge hamster wheel to provide electrical power for the web servers?I like the ad copy possibilities: "Some ISPs guarantee uptime with redudancy, and so do we: During peak usage, we put two rugrats on the wheel."

Wednesday, December 29, 2004 10:36:00 AM  

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