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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Mmmmm.... cookies...

All those who are part of my department (whatever and wherever that might be, as I've said before I forget those little details) are hereby alerted that tomorrow, in keeping with tradition, I will be delivering two batches of holiday cookies to the office staff. If they stick to tradition, and they are traditional gals, they'll most likely throw the platter open to all comers.

So what's on the menu? Well, this year I decided to try two types of cookies I haven't made before.

The first kind are referred to as "Sandies" in my cookbook, but my family calls 'em "butterballs." If you like sugar and pecans, these are for you. They're also vegan, since I made them with vegetable margarine (A tip: when making cookies with margarine, make sure it's composed of at least 60% oil. Any less and it's too watery for proper baking. Mine is 80% vegetable oil, thank you very much) and the recipe doesn't require any eggs or shortening. Just look at these beauties!

The second kind are referred to as "Blondies" and are similar to chocolate chip cookies, save that they employ brown sugar rather than granulated sugar for more of a butterscotch flavor. They're also a regional favorite in the Southeastern U.S. Sorry, vegans- these do contain eggs.

Get 'em while the gettin is good. I usually arrive around 8:15 AM or so, the cookies will be given to the office ladies shortly thereafter.


Blogger procfreak said...

if you have any leftovers, the office ladies do have my forwarding address. just fyi.

Saturday, December 11, 2004 5:19:00 PM  

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