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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

This post is a waste of time

Seriously, why are you even reading it? Why don't you call your mother, or work on your dissertation, do something equally useful with your time?

Still here? Good. If Drek can spend an entire post complaining about two planks in Half-Life 2, I can write about my own primary videogame addiction: sports simulation games. In particular, I like the EA Sports series of games. The games provide a realistic depiction of your favorite sport, especially with modes that let you play one or more full seasons. You end up feeling like you're living in an alternate universe of real sports.

My favorite title comes from the NCAA Football series, which simluates the greatest sport in the world (possibly excepting World Cup soccer), college football. The specific title I own is NCAA Football 2001, the last one to be released for the original PlayStation (I am too cheap to buy a PlayStation2).

The game offers a true-to-life experience of college football, with a lot of the little details that make the sport so great. You can play as any of the 112 Division I-A teams, plus about 30 Division I-AA teams. The game includes real uniforms and stadium designs for all the teams, as well as real fight songs and cheers for the most popular teams. The NCAA's legal restrictions keep the game from using actual player names, but the game includes a "Name Players" feature where you can enter your own names for up to 8 teams. The names appear on the backs of players' jerseys, and the game announcer knows how to say the more common names.

The coolest feature of the game, though, is "Dynasty" mode, where you can create your own parallel universe of college football results from seasons 2000 to 2020. You become the coach of one team, play each game with the controller, and recruit new players as old players graduate.

I finished my first season (2000) of my dynasty using Northwestern University. (Why Northwestern? They have cool purple uniforms, a catchy fight song, and they play in the Big Ten conference, making it more likely I can play in the BCS national championship game someday.) I finished the regular season at 8-3 (good for third in the Big Ten), beat Texas A&M 21-7 in the Alamo Bowl, and finished #19 in the nation in the final poll. (USC finished #1.) All in all a very successful season. If you're interested in seeing full results for the season, click here.

I've started the second season (2001), and I'll make a similar waste-of-time post when that season concludes.

Coming late tonight: an actually useful and interesting post - part 3 of my 4-part series on Alcoholics Anonymous.

This post has been brought to you by the letters B, C, and S, and the number 2000.


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