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Friday, December 10, 2004

"Without us, Canada is like... uh... Honduras. Except colder, and less interesting."

I'm not one of those naughty Blue Staters that have asked to move to Canada, and I will admit that I've made jokes about Canada's military prowess, BUT I'm also one of the few Americans who seems to be aware that Canada has kicked our ass not once but twice.

Let me state that again: Canada, the peaceful nation to our north has dealt the United States military defeats in not just one, but two wars. In fact, every time we've fought them we've gotten our asses handed to us. Granted, I'm pretty sure we've got the resources to make the third time the charm (if we ever get them back from Iraq anyway) but what the hell is the point in fighting our best friend?

So, you can understand why I find this video clip of the indomitable (Wait, sorry, I think I might have meant "ignorant" there. I often get my words mixed up) Ann Coulter, and others, insulting Canada so goddamn appalling. Canadians: I'm really sorry about this. I swear, a large number of us are not so f-ing stupid.

Ann Coulter's Manifest Destiny





Thanks to Wonkette for bringing this to my attention, and double-thanks to the wacky Icelandic site that's hosting the video clip.


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