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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Random Wedding Update: Der Tag.

The last few weeks in Florida have been sunny with temperatures in the mid to high seventies. Perfect weather, with birds singing and fawns frolicking in the meadows.

Okay, well, possums frolicking in the trees, anyways. The fawns don't frolick much for fear of the gators, and other forms of mutant, homicidal wildlife.

Today the weather is a charming 55 degrees and rainy. My father insists that it's "misting" rather than "raining" but, for our purposes, one sort of water falling from the sky is as good as another. So, it's cold and rainy.

Did I mention this was planned as an outside ceremony?

I've been told that rain on your wedding day is good luck, indicating great fertility and prosperity. I think I'll leave the fertility part out when I tell my sister. The last thing she needs is her brother telling her about her impending fecundity.

This oughta be exciting.


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