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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Many of you know that I regularly read the website Something Awful. It isn't exactly a blog, though it has bloglike qualities. It isn't exactly a humor site, though it is funny. It isn't exactly a news site, though it... well... no, there's really never any news on this site.

Still, it's something I read fairly regularly. Recently, however, Something Awful featured an update that actually does make for a fairly interesting read. Specifically, it was an update by Zack Parsons that vividly depicts the inevitable result of the religious polarization of American politics. Particularly moving is the conclusion:

I used to see nuance and diversity in religions and their various followers. That luxury has been swept away by the wave propelling quasi-theocratic scum to success and power. I now resort to their weapon; the hateful generality. Religion is the tool of corrupt men and women with shallow principles and reluctance to see the world outside the monochrome. If you are declared evil for what you believe or who you are, surely you are then justified in returning the favor.

I did not write it, but I have felt much of the frustration and rage that he has. I still do see nuance and diversity in religions and their followers, but that gets harder and harder every day.

Worth a read.


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