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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"Yes, even her."

Drek's Father: What most people don't understand is that who wins the election, and who loses, isn't the candidate, it's a whole team. Those guys are so heavily managed, they don't take a shit by themselves.

Drek: This is true. Bush isn't the smartest guy ever to walk the Earth, but Karl Rove is a damn genius.

Drek's Father: The thing about Bush is that for most people he comes across as... well... like your neighbor. You know, he's a regular guy and really down to Earth.

Drek: You know, people have told me that, but I just don't see it. Since the first election, he just hasn't seemed that way. To me he's always seemed like an angry, ignorant little man who is entirely too confident.

Drek's Father: Hunh. Really?

Drek: Yep. And looking at his first-term performance, I think I've been borne out in that assessment.

Drek's Father: Well, you have a point there.

Drek: I mean- I like Colin Powell. I think he's an honorable man, I think he's a dedicated patriot. I think he's been badly used by this administration, and was pushed into some positions that he didn't want, but he did it anyway because that's what he signed up for when he took the post as Secretary of State. He serves at the pleasure of the President. If Colin Powell was on a ticket in the future, I'd want to know what his platform was, but I wouldn't hold the last four years against him.

Drek's Father: I hear that.

Drek: But the rest of Bush's cabinet? Rice, and Ashcroft, and Rumsfeld, and all the rest? As far as I'm concered you could shoot the whole damn lot of them into the sun and do the world a favor.

Drek's Father: Even the... uh... the Secretary of Agriculture?

Drek: Don't even get me started on Ann Veneman. Stupid USDA!

Drek's Father: laughs


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