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Monday, February 21, 2005


Thanks to the "popular" television program, Stargate: SG1 we may well have gotten a brief, momentary glimpse at my future, or lack thereof, in academia. Specifically, the following conversation, modified slighlty in ways that should be obvious:

Random Post-Doc: I'm sorry, Doctor Uninteresting?

Drek: Hmmm? Yes?

Random Post-Doc: It's just such an honor to meet you. I think I've read everything you've ever published.

Drek: Everything?

Random Post-Doc: Everything.

Drek: What a colossal waste of time.

Random Post-Doc: Your theories are brilliant if... audacious. I referenced them in my doctoral thesis at Cambridge.

Drek: You did?

Random Post-Doc: Yes.

Drek: You must have failed.

Random Post-Doc: Well- yes.

Then again- there's no way anyone will ever refer to my work as brilliant or audacious. Now, if you replace "brilliant" with "unusual" and "audacious" with "completely half-assed," we might have something.

Needless to say this means I have returned from the Misery Journey and am back in the office. It was as miserable a journey as ever, though as usual I learned a number of lessons. I will discuss said lessons in more detail when I have time. For now, let me just report that I am home and it feels good.

In other news, during my absence Tom Bozzo was kind enough to hurl down the gauntlet and tell me what my assignment is. I accept his challenge and look forward to writing the post I owe... just as soon as I have time to do the background reading.


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