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Thursday, March 31, 2005


I like getting feedback. No, really, I do. So, when I find a paper sitting in my department mailbox with faculty comments scrawled on it, I'm generally pretty happy. Geeky? Maybe- but the only way you learn is by having others rough up what you're doing. (This is a special remark to that person who began her "critique" of one of my papers the other day by asserting that I am "brilliant." I'm not, the paper isn't, and even if I was, that just means that I fucked up in more creative ways than most.)

I do need to say this, however: is it too much to ask that people try to neaten up their handwriting when they add comments? I mean, I'm almost totally convinced that one comment reads:

Muttering critters is a moth

That's just not helpful.


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