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Friday, March 25, 2005

The results are in...

A while back I posted a survey and asked my loyal readers to give me some feedback about where I should take Total Drek in the future. Specifically, I asked, "What would you like to see from Total Drek?" Today, I sum up the results of that process. Some of you might think that this is a weak pretense to waste a day talking about nothing of any particular importance. You would, of course, be right.

Over the course of the survey a total of 23 votes were cast, and we actually have a tie for the most popular option. With six votes each, the two top-earning responses were, "More posts from Slag- whatever happened to him, anyway?" and "More posts that mix comedy and serious stuff- they usually suck, but it's fun to watch him try." Obviously, this means that y'all would like to see a little less Drek in your Total Drek; a sentiment that I can completely understand. You will be happy to know that Slag has been supplying some content recently, and I hope that your continued support will encourage him to persist. Failing that- I know where he lives, and have very few morals.

In regards to the second winning option I can only respond, in the manner of my favorite restaurant: "Your wish is of very little consequence to me." However, that said, I will see if I can strike that balance between serious content and humor a little more frequently. I expect, though, that this will be a disastrous experience for all concerned. Especially when I start making jokes about the chunnel and Linda Boreman. I think we can all agree that matters can only go downhill from there.

The third most popular option is actually another tie between, "More comedy posts- Drek is an idiot, but a funny one. Dance for my amusement, Drek!" and "Shorter posts- these diatribes are killing me!" The popularity of the comedy option suggests that some vocal minority of my audience actually comes here primarily for entertainment. I find this bewildering, but will try and maintain some sort of comedic content for these patrons.

The request for shorter posts, on the other hand, seems to mesh well with our next winner, "A promise that Drek will never, ever, blog again." Taken together, comprising eleven votes, these two options, plus the request that Slag post more often, seem to add up to a request that I be featured less prominently on this blog. I doubt any of us will miss the irony, and I must confess to feeling a bit of relief. This is, if nothing else, an excuse for me to try to recruit yet another co-blogger.

Two people, to my surprise, voted for, "More long posts, I desperately need distractions from my work." Given the otherwise apparent demand for a reduction in my posting, I'd say these individuals suffer from some type of mental deficiency. There was only one vote requesting an increase in the number of serious posts, leading me to believe that hardly anyone takes me seriously to begin with. To this I can only respond, "Thank fucking god."

So, given this, you will hopefully see fewer posts from me in the future, but the ones you do see will more carefully balance humor and seriousness. Of course, in reality, you'll get whatever I goddamn feel like writing, but we can all pretend that I have the resources and motivation to actually pay attention to feedback. I'm sure you understand.

And on that note, we have a new poll in our sidebar. A friend of mine is currently in the clutches of a rather thorny grammatical issue. Do please help her out.


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