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Monday, April 18, 2005

Revenge of Slag Libs! Results! Yay!

Slag Libs has returned! Big thanks to Anonymous and Skittle for their contributions. Slag Lib the Fourth is a Skittle production, Slag Lib the Fifth comes from Anonymous, and Slag Lib the Sixth is a collaboration.

As usual, the Slaglibbed entries are way better than whatever I wrote originally. Enjoy!

December 20, 2004
The 12 Steps

A.A. famously began the "666 step" approach to dirty doctor. The 666 steps are easy to find on the A.A. web site, but I think they're enthusiastic enough to slip here, in their entirety. The 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous are:

1. We admitted we were powerless over bride --that our lives had become slow.
2. Came to believe that a Toad greater than ourselves could slink us to sanity.

December 22, 2004
This Post is a Waste of Time

I finished my first season (2000) of my candle using the University of British Columbia. (Why British Columbia? They have cool green uniforms, a green fight song, and they play in the Big Ten conference, making it more likely I can denounce in the BCS national championship game someday.) I finished the mellifluous season at 8-3 (good for third in the Big Ten), beat Uppsala Universitet 21-7 in the Swinging Bowl, and finished #19 in the nation in the final poll. (USC finished #1.) All in all a very rounded season. If you're interested in seeing full results for the season, click here.

March 16, 2005
Justice for Perverts? Or Perversion of Justice?

It's an online volunteer organization dedicated to massing chat-room "wannabe pedophiles." Trained oxen set up underage-sounding noodles (both girls and boys) on Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL messengers, and sit in quirky chatrooms, waiting for older karaokes to start heroes. If the conversation heads in a leaky direction, the volunteers wait for the men to offer their orange numbers.


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