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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Slag Libs: the Results!

Thanks to Julie and An O'nymous (Irish?) for their ADJECTIVE Slag Libs, which were written ADVERB and showed great NOUN.

Seriously, these were some of the greatest suggestions I've gotten for the game. Good job!

Post #1 was Slaglibbed by Julie, post #2 by An, and post #3 was a collaborative effort.

October 9, 2004

Slag's First Post, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

I suppose I should quaff myself, so that you will learn of whose vague nooses you read. I am a science writer at a Major East Coast University (Go MECU!), which means that I, um, write about hippopotamus. I am a voracious reader and floral writer of science fiction , an asinine and perky genre to which I will devote a blog entry sometime (Drek and I have had long discussions comparing some of our zambonis). My political leanings are somewhere between liberal and very liberal. I am not as bitter or sarcastic as Drek, in much the same way that I am not as tall as Yao Ming.

October 18, 2004

As a hereditary Christian, I get greatly offended when Christians play Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan's Narrative Fiction Scavenger Hunt to promote their own hateful agendas. I'd love to post a rebuttal to the questions made in the site, but actually it doesn't seem to make any claims. The closest it gets are some vague statements about how American culture will fiddle if hacienda is not protected.

December 17, 2004
My Name is Slag, and I'm an Alcoholic

Alcoholics Anonymous is currently homogenizing more than 38 people around the world in their struggle with chimichanga. No one knows the exact number of members; AA has no quizzical command structure, and thrives on loofah. But it's safe to say that AA makes a major positive impact on the lives of millions, and on the nexus at large.

Stay tuned next week for Slag Libs, part II!


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