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Monday, May 30, 2005

There's spam, and then there's this...

Having just returned from a lengthy trip to the alternate dimension known as "Washington D.C." (And those of you who have lived there know of what I speak- any road system collectively developed by two states and the federal government must, almost by definition, be capable of channeling an Old One through the sheer force of despair it generates) I am currently involved in a battle to regain control of my e-mail inbox. I refer to this as a "battle" because hordes of spammers routinely harass me with all manner of offers I could have no conceivable interest in. I would raise my spam shields more thoroughly, but I am unfortunately friendly with certain individuals who insist on both using sketchy e-mail accounts and/or subject lines, and are similarly incapable of picking up a goddamn phone. You bastards know who you are. So, I have no choice but to keep my delete key at the ready whenever I consult my electronic oracle.

In any case, while wading through the detritus clogging my inbox I ran across what might be the single most disturbing internet "quiz" I've ever seen. Needless to say, with a lead-in like that, I am compelled to provide a link. Allow me to warn, however, that this is most assuredly not work safe. It is, however, something I would like to invite comment on by bloggers with a bit more time for analysis than I do at present.

I think I will, in keeping with that invitation, limit myself to remarking that I find it interesting that people are being encouraged to try to tell something that is natural from something that is enhanced- particularly in light of the fact that naturally occurring examples that fit the "ideal type" are so rare as to be virtually impossible. It creates a heinous sort of double-bind where if one is not naturally blessed, there is no recourse but to take a chance on an unnatural, and apparently undervalued, alternative. Or, at the same time, to simply accept imperfection in the first place. What a charming machine for generating insecurity and self-doubt.

I'd say it also nicely shows off what sort of pigs we have roaming the internet, but that's a separate issue.

And having said that, I'm off to continue my work. For those of you to whom I owe e-mail, rest assured that I will get around to you. Sometime. Probably.


For anyone who is curious, I scored a 6 out of 12 and feel no particular need to develop such a worthless skill any farther.


Blogger Jordan Raddick said...

I scored 5 out of 12. Apparently Drek is a little better than I at this sort of thing.

But I do agree, very strongly, that this quiz is disgusting. It can only make women more insecure about their bodies to know that even if they do enhance their bodies, men will notice and devalue them for it.

I do think that pornography serves a healthy function in helping people enjoy and explore their sexuality. But this quiz is clearly not healthy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005 9:27:00 PM  

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