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Friday, July 15, 2005

Conversations during dog-walking.

The Scene: Drek the Uninteresting and his sainted girlfriend (DSGf) are walking his three-legged dog. In the distance a helicopter circles, shining a spotlight on an unknown quarry.

DSGf: They're coming to get us. They're coming to get us because we have too many books.

Drek: Indeed. It's all part of the Bush Administration's "Knowledge is Bad" campaign.

DSGf: Hey, did I ever tell you about that movie we did when we were kids? The one about burning books? You know- Fahrenheit... um... Fahrenheit 411?

Drek: You mean Fahrenheit 451?

DSGf: Yeah! Fahrenheit 451!

Drek: Technically, I think Fahrenheit 411 only has information about burning books.

DSGf: laughs

DSGf: Or about Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion!

Drek: Could be.


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