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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sadness and hope.

Four years ago, at a conference, I met a young Ph.D. candidate in Economics from Oxford by the name of Duncan. Duncan, as you might have guessed, was an Englishman, and we had a number of interesting conversations. Among other topics, we discussed the September Eleventh attacks, which were still fresh in our minds then. Duncan expressed the shock, and the horror, and the sympathy that he and his fellow English had felt for Americans that day. He said he had felt as though it was happening to him- as though that strike was a blow to all people the world over.

Today, sadly, I can only return the sentiment that Duncan expressed. The recent attacks in London are an offense against all mankind. Regardless of the ultimate toll in lives and property, my sympathy and hopes go out to the British.

Not that this means I'm about to get behind Bush's war-mongering, I just hate what has happened.

Still, in the midst of tragedy, there is almost always cause for hope. Even as some humans show the evil of which we are capable, others provide examples of heroism and self-sacrifice. That we possess both generosity and depravity in such full measures is what makes us the uniquely beautiful species that we are.


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