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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Hey folks. Rather than write one of my normal flippant posts dealing with conservative wingnuts, liberal wingnuts, crappy science, or plain old regular morons, I'm dedicating today's post to another purpose.

As y'all know by now, Hurricane Katrina has beaten the ever living crap out of the Gulf Coast. The death toll is, as yet, unknown since rescuers are directing their efforts towards saving those who can be saved. The counting of the dead will wait. The public health consequences of this disaster are likely to be substantial, as are the economic results. The damage in many areas is nothing short of catastrophic and the flooding throughout New Orleans is proving to be enorously challenging to rescue efforts. Finally, many areas are currently beseiged by a further disaster: the loss of public order, and the resultant looting.

It is difficult to describe the challenges before the citizens of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast right now. This disaster is unlikely to compare to the earlier Southeast Asian tsunami, but we're still looking at enormous damage and significant loss of life.

We here at Total Drek extend our sympathies, and hopes, to the people to the Gulf Coast. Further, we ask that y'all do the same as well. Open your hearts, open your sympathies, and, most importantly, open your wallets. You can find a selection of relief organizations here but, speaking personally, I'd encourage you to donate via the American Red Cross. As I've said before it can be hard to find good charities as an atheist since most of them are rather religious.

Give what you can, folks. These people need it.


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