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Thursday, October 06, 2005

This, that, and the other.

A few days ago (meaning "Monday") I asked a question. Specifically, I asked people to speculate on what the review of my teaching ability would reveal. This speculation was primarily to take place via a poll I provided. Well, my teaching review was yesterday, so today y'all get to find out how you did.

The poll asked, "The first remark Drek's reviewer makes will be:" and provided several answers. Thirteen people voted in the poll and there was, in fact, a clear winner. Seven of the thirteen people, 53.8%, voted for "I've never heard Durkheim explained by reference to midget porn before." This was the clear winner. The next strongest contender, with three votes, or 23.1%, was, "You're an interesting and engaging lecturer- the department is lucky to have you."

After those two, we get down into the singletons. With one vote each, or 7.7%, we had, "Are you some kind of retard?" "So how long have you been diagnosed with Tourette's?" and "I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to forget this ever happened." The only option to receive no votes was, "Sorry, I was listening to my new iPod. Your lecture looked great though." This doubtless signals that people think the faculty are relatively conscientious. If you're curious, you can see the actual poll results here.

So what actually happened? Well, the remark from my reviewer that sums up his comments as a whole was, "Actually, your teaching makes me feel anxious about my own." I received "superior" marks in every category and, so, seem to have been rated pretty highly. Those three of you with the second most popular option seem to have come closest although, in fairness to the winning option, my classes do get somewhat raucous from time to time.

And speaking of raucous, let me invite y'all to keep an eye on happenings over at the creationist blog I commented on the other day. Given the epistemological leanings of the blog author:

I am the kind of committed Christian who believes that it is not possible to negate the Genesis account of creation.

Well, I think we're in for an interesting time. He says he's working on his reply to my comments, so be sure and get your popcorn ready. I think we're in for a show.

Finally, I just want to point out that this blog has been unusually popular for the past few days. How popular, you ask? Well, check out the weekly traffic plot:

Popular, in this case, means, "I've gone from getting about 70 visits a day to around 1,500." From what I can tell, it's a result of an old post in the archives that happens to be related to a more recent story from the Associated Press. Turns out if you search for "gator vs. python" in Google, I come up on the first page.

Who knew?


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