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Monday, October 17, 2005

Was it something I said?

Those of you who follow the blog regularly are aware of my recent efforts to address the concerns of creationist Tim Therrien over on his blog Vallo Fides. My recent posts on the subject have been rather lengthy, and doubtless obnoxious to many of my readers, but I think relatively civil all the same. I was looking forward to Tim's response.

Sadly, it appears that I will never receive that response, judging by Tim's recent announcement that he intends to stop blogging. For those who are curious, I will cross-post his words below:

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish"

I regret to say that within a few days (long enough for people to have a chance to read this) I will be leaving the blogosphere. I know that for some of you this will be a welcome event and I'm glad I could brighten your day.

In order to explain this decision, I simply point you to the comments of Beaming Visionary, lloydchristmas69 and the like (no, BV and lloyd, you are not the ONLY reason. So keep your heads from overinflating). Suffice it to say that I lack the energy and interest to attempt civil discussions with potty-mouthed 4 year olds. A recent comment by lloyd, which I had to delete because of the demeaning nature, tipped me over the edge on this decision. I find no pleasure in inviting sewer talk, nor do I wish to continue attempting to carry on conversations with people who have no concept of what a Conservative or a Christian actually is, nor are interested in learning. I may have my mind made up on numerous issues, but at least I can carry on civil discourse about those issues.

In closing I would like to ask this, though. How much of a victory is it, guys, to drive someone away from a discussion by acting like monkeys flinging poo? Sadly, I think that most of these folks are intelligent and would have interesting opinions. I, however, do not see any benefit in dealing with brats.

To those of you who have provided thoughtful and reasoned discussions of these topics, thank you! Trust me, you are much too few out there.

So, it looks like we won't have Tim to kick around anymore. Personally, I think it's a shame. I won't say that I thought Tim had the best arguments against evolutionary theory that I've ever heard, but he was at least willing to present a case. That makes him vastly more impressive to me than the majority of those in the anti-evolution and pro-evolution camps who prefer to simply fling invective. Granted Tim did make us on incendiary argumentation now and then, and on more than one occasion he did employ insultingly sarcastic rhetoric, but, hey, who am I to object?

I guess all I'm trying to say is this: Tim, I stridently disagree with you on a number of subjects, and I think you're a bit less civil than you'd like to believe, but you were at least willing to trade arguments. For that, at least, you deserve some respect.


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