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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Excuse me?

This morning I was doing a semi-professional (I am vaguely involved in a vague future health initiative at my lovely corporate workplace) search on health topics to add to the obvious workplace health and safety stuff. I am a longtime, if somewhat lazy, supporter of local and organic produce. The latter is hard to find in Budapest, but the city does have a beautiful foodmarket with plenty of local products; in addition to this Hungarians eat much more seasonal produce, which means less food import from, say, Kenia, therefore less fuel pollution, etc, etc.

Anyway, that is beside the point and while I am happy to defend my point of view on food production that is not what is occupying my mind at the moment.

The point is that I was checking out a seemingly sensible (ie in line with both my reading and my experience) site on nutrition, the benefits of organic food, the awfulness of fried food, and so forth. The standard stuff. I checked out some of the links and then realised that the site actually has some rather surprising little headings such as "Allah or Jesus?", "Intelligent Design", "Islam Revealed" and my favourite, "End Time Facts".
For those who haven't clicked on the link to "Islam Revealed", I just want to point out that it says in nice, colourful letters across the top that:
"You know I've been enlightened and surprised to find out there is actually a group of Muslims that are apologizing for 9/11. There is HOPE!"
Welll I am glad to hear there is hope, but since when did we start believing that all muslims need to apologise for 9/11? When did it become clear that ALL muslims were involved in the attack, rather than an handful of fanatics as we initially assumed? I won't even comment on the other article headings. There is quite enough steam coming out of my ears as it is.

You know, the reason why all this upsets me is not because the opinion in itself surprises me. I know that there are many people out there who feel this way, or who feel that all muslims are evil. It makes me angry - but it doesn't surprise me. What is upsetting is to find these people in "my" camp. That people who believe in balanced nutrition and a different kind of agriculture are also the people who think that the muslims are collectively responsible for 9/11. I guess we all like to believe that our beliefs are not compatible with others that we see as wrong. That intelligent, educated people are not racists. That kind people aren't bigots, and that our friends are none of all this.

How stupid of me. It is good to remember that things are not so simple, and that there are no walls enclosing the Good People. Can I find these things extra disappointing though?
I guess this is how my Nice Christian Boyfriend feels a lot of the time.

*btw, I would like to make clear that as far as I can see there is no link between the politics of the site and Dr Mercola's site, which is well-reputed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TDEC, your comments are similar to thoughts I've been having lately. It's very difficult to define who "good" people are. My friend, a fundamentalist Christian, is one of the most loving people I know to those closest to her (her family, friends, and church group), but is opposed to affirmative action because "White people need to feed their families too." My minister, a supposedly open-minded individual, is opposed to the "evil that resides in fundamentalism." Who is good? I'm going to be trite, and just conclude that it's an incredibly gray area. Drek tries not to judge things as binaries, and the longer I'm with him, and the more time I've spent on this planet, the more I tend to agree. I guess in the end we can be discouraged and weep at the inconsistency of those around us, or we can choose to keep fighting for what we believe is right...or so I'm telling myself. It's easier to keep going than to cave in the face of disappointment. Keep up the good fight! - D's SGf

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 10:14:00 AM  

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