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Thursday, November 17, 2005

In the eye of the beholder.

I'm always amused when people try to interpret the bible to determine the will of god. This isn't because the process is inherently funny, but rather because I find the idea quite ludicrous. The bible is so long, and so internally contradictory on so many different points, that you can support virtually any position no matter how strange or, indeed, hateful. The bible is more like a Rorschach test than anything else, allowing readers to find whatever it is that they are seeking. This property is only made worse when we consider that many people develop a position and then seek to support it using the bible, rather than going at it the other way. So, given this, it's fairly amusing to me when I run across something that illustrates this point. I refer, of course, to a recent letter to Computer Games Magazine that reads as follows:

Four Word Nudity

This is a response to the complaint in the October Rebound labeled "Four-Word Nudity" by Jon Camp.

The human breast was designed by God for only one purpose: to feed a human infant. So, by design, God intended every living human being to know exactly what a breast looks, feels, smells, and tastes like. To be offended at the site of a woman's breasts goes against the will of God, and is therefore blasphemous. Furthermore, to be ashamed of the human breast is to be ashamed of one's own mother and what she sacrificed for the well being of her child. This is a transgression of God's fifth commandment: "Thou shalt honor thy father and mother."

Be not ashamed of the breast for it is the fountain of life, which nourishes the human race.



[Spelling original]

Well hell, I'm convinced. God loves boobies, I love boobies. When you get right down to it, boobies are just great! Spread the word, folks!

And just between you and me: I can't wait to see the look on Pat Robertson's face when the Topfree activists get ahold of this argument.


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