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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More of the same

To continue from that last post, I’ll say that on that same 24th, I spent about seven hours waiting for a doctor to show, in spite of the fact that they had told me the night before that if my blood test that morning was negative (which it was), I could go. When my patience finally wore out, I pressed that little emergency bell and got things moving. I was to find out that, while being pushy is not done in Hungary, it does actually help.

An English speaking doctor was found. He told me that my „real” doctor was not there, and would not come in until the next morning, and yes, could I please hang around until that time. This is where it gets fun – with some considerable browbeating and bullying my friend Marieke and I convinced him that, really, I could go home for the night and come back the next morning. I promised to be there by eight.

Being a woman of my word, I accordingly walked in at 7.50 am, and was tested again, and seen by a doctor who, in spite of a colleague’s protestations that he spoke English, did not appear to understand or speak any. No indication of what needed to be done followed. By lunchtime I was utterly fed up and decided to call in some help. This help took the form of a Hungarian friend, who by phone interrogated one of the nurses and got the number of the doctor. After several attempts she talked to him. He confirmed that, well, they didn’t really know what was the matter with me and could I stay over the weekend.

A while later I decided to hijack some nurse or other to get more explanation – however, in doing just that I was rebuked by another doctor, who now magically spoke English, saying the yes, Dr Pinter (my aptly named doctor) was on his way. Said doctor appeared in my room five minutes later. I was a little taken aback as he was alone and he spoke no English.

That’s what I thought anyway. In fact the man spoke, and speaks, perfectly good English, and he patiently explained to me why I should stay, why I shouldn’t travel and what exactly they didn’t know. He also told me that they were scheduling a CT scan for me.

You see, this past weekend was supposed to be my weekend in London, planned long ahead and much anticipated. It was to be my first trip for a year that was not boyfriend or family related. I cancelled it.

Sunday morning was supposed to be the end of my stay at Szent Imre Hospital. Saturday evening, however, Dr. Pinter dropped by and asked my in a positively friendly manner whether I was patient enough to stay until Monday morning. And then, really really, they would let me go until the scan. I negotiated some hours of freedom on Sunday and acquiesced in another night in hospital.

This morning then I was woken up at 4:30 am for the xth blood test. A pair of strangers in white coats walked in on me at 6:30, and one of the nurses said, as an afterthought while walking away, „go home”. Considering their knowledge of English the could mean that they wanted me to go home, or that I could go home, or that I would be able to go home. Dr Pinter was supposed to give me some paperwork so I waited for a bit. Then I talked to the nurse again, trying to make clear what I wanted. He pointed at his watch, indicating the the doctor would be in, or would see me, at nine. At 9:30 I was getting impatient again and ventured out into the hallway, where I spotted the aformentioned doctor. I concluded that he was on his way.

Well, one must never overestimate the expedience of anything in Hungary. Nothing happened. At 9:50 am I went out again, attacked a nurse and was shown an English speaking doctor. She explained that I needed to talk to Dr. Pinter who rather fortuitously meander past at that moment. She explained everything and soon the sound of printers was heard. After another 15 minutes the Honourable Pinter gave me a stack of papers and an explanation in Hungarian as well as an amused little smile. I nodded, and skipped out of the building.

I feel like an innocent prisoner finally vindicated.


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