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Monday, December 19, 2005

Here goes nothing.

Some of you will be noticing a sharp decline in blogging activity over the next few weeks. Okay, that's not wholly accurate- all of you who read this blog regularly and are not invulnerable to reason (unlike some people I could mention) and empirical reality will note a decline in blogging. First off, let me caution you not to get too excited- I am not departing the blogosphere. Rather, it is nearly time for Christmas Winter Break and I will be travelling a great deal during this period. How much, you ask? Well, let's see:

First, it's off to California where I will be spending around a week, including the Christmas holiday, with my Sainted Girlfriend's extended family. I don't mean just her parents and siblings either- I mean aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and so on. Given that my Sainted Girlfriend and I have this Dharma & Greg thing going on (Seriously, I have proof!) I expect that this visit should be rather interesting. Still, given that I'm from the South, I suppose I should just be glad we don't have a Hatfield & McCoy thing going on.

Then, following that we return to our place of residence for a scant 24 hours before flying out to Ohio for my cousin's wedding. This will, of course, expose my Sainted Girlfriend to my extended family so I reckon we're trading even this break. While there we'll be staying with my favorite cousin which should make things a little easier- not quite so much exposure to my parents, or my aunts and uncles.

When that's over and done with, we both get to ride south with my parents and my sister's dog. We'll drop off my Sainted Girlfriend in her hometown, allow my folks to meet hers, (Which may have interesting effects on spacetime) and then I will continue on to Florida to spend a few more days with my family. My sister and her husband will join us there (after they return from seeing his family in the U.K.) and I'll have a nice, brief visit before flying back to my apartment.

So, in any case, blogging will be sporadic for a while. Sorry about that but, hey, on the bright side, you can look forward to some fairly interesitng posts when they do show up.

Take care, and happy Agnostica!


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