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Monday, December 19, 2005

Public transportation

I only just read Drek's latest Turner Tuesday. Crikey.

I laughed at the bit about subjugating Europe. If the US has subjugating us then it isn't doing a good job of keeping us in line. But never mind.

This last Saturday I was sitting on the train from Vienna to Budapest with Slag and we were minding our own business and discussing Britain's position in the EU when the man sitting opposite us, obviously English, launched into a diatrebe against the EU. Mainly his point was that because he had to plan any visits to the continent and could not just drive there, England was not part of the EU community, and the EU sucked because they made him take off his shoes in airports. He then stated that the English would be happy to have their island towed to the French coast so they could drive to Europe. But they really didn't want to be part of the EU, because the EU wanted to create a European superpower and they wanted no part of it.

At no point could either of us convince him that the thing about taking of your shoes was to do with airport security rather than with the EU.

It was one of those moments where I sat there, my eyes glazing over as he praised Reagan and Thatcher. Ordinarily I would of course have had his guts for a late night snack but it was too late, I was too tired and he had had too much punch.

At least it proved that, as they say in my home country, to which I shall presently adjourn, the train is always a bit of adventure, if not necessecarily the kind you were looking for. Having annoyed both of us for three hours the Englishman apologised for talking nonsense at the end of the trip, and said he was delighted to have met us. In fact, to be perfectly honest, he seemed like a decent enough bloke, in spite of his madly inconsistent politics and his awful view of marriage. Oscar Wilde is perhaps right - consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.


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