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Monday, February 06, 2006

Winter on the continent

It is winter in Budapest which means, quite simply, movies. It is way too cold to do anything else, and cinemas are relatively cheap, so I am catching up on both old and new (to Budapest) movies, with friends, with film clubs or on my own, and at any time of the week. In the last two weeks I have seen, in reverse chronological order, and as far as I can remember:

Walk the Line
Two Weeks Notice
Just Like Heaven
Jane Eyre (1996)
The Stepford Wives (2004)

The amazing thing is that of all these movies there hasn't really been a single one, not even Just Like Heaven, that was bad. I don't mean flawed - many of these are. I don't mean not great art - most are not. I just mean plain bad in the I regret paying the money sense. Obviously there are three options:

- My movie instinct has gotten better
- Movies generally have improved
- My taste in movies has become quite abysmal

Actually it was hard to focus on the content of Munich, as much of it was shot in Budapest and very recognisably so. There is one very bizarre shot where they are sitting by the river in what is supposed to be, I think, Paris. In the background you can recognise, out of focus but very visible, one of Budapest's landmarks, the Parliament. It makes it very hard to take the film seriously, and my suspension of disbelief crashed anytime they dressed √Āndrassy ut up a Rome or Paris.

What I remember of the content...hmmm...I think it makes a good, important point and was relieved not to see Spielberg dissolve into sentimentalism. Having said that I am not sure it actually a good movie. Lots of good actors and all that but the whole thing is...the only simile I can think of is that it is a bit like The Untouchables in the wrong situation. Spielberg is not famous for his realism anyway I guess, but with a topic like this it is a flaw. Having said that, the movie does do a very good job of finding the middle ground between the two camps, and that in itself deserves some respect.

Of the list above, I would say Walk the Line and Secretary are my favourites, for very different reasons. Secretary - well - just watch it. I am not going to repeat my baffled comments on the subject. Walk the Line managed to interest me in Johnny Cash, to whom I was previously quite indifferent. Maybe if someone just makes a really good film about American football...
Then again maybe not.

Walk the Line is mostly just compelling for the oldfashioned reasons - great acting and a smashing soundtrack. And hey, who knew Joaquin Phoenix could sing so well?

Yet another random post from the TDEC...the next one will be about politics, I promise.


Blogger Jordan Raddick said...

TDEC, love, on the subject of movies, see Drek's old post about the Badger scale. It includes a reference to a famous Belgian.

Monday, February 06, 2006 10:19:00 AM  

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