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Monday, March 06, 2006


Well, to change the subject...
As you heard some time ago I am getting married. It will be at least another year until the religious wedding, and I am very glad about this. You see, I am terrible at organising and a traditional protestant wedding had never crossed my mind as an option. Actually, to be fair, it did cross my mind once when I was fifteen and I figured that if the guy was Scottish and possesed of a kilt (and castle?) then I was game for a protestant ceremony.


Here I am more than ten years on trying to repress my dread at the prospect, not of being married, but of getting married. I believe it is traditional to do things the other way around, but there you go, I never was any good at fitting in.

I don't believe in having ceremonies that "borrow" traditions from radically different cultures. It just looks a bit silly, all these western couples undergoing traditional buddhist ceremonies because they're so pretty. I believe a wedding, whatever form it takes, should be rooted in either partner's tradition and beliefs. Practically speaking: don't have a hindu wedding if neither of you is a hindu; and especially, don't have a christian wedding unless at least one of you is a practicing christian. Religion should not be like your fanciest knickers - you need to wear it for more than birthdays and special occasions.


Then I see pictures of a traditional Igbo wedding, or a Japanese ceremony and I think damn why can't I have that? Or something like this. Flowers and beads, bright colours and gourd-shaped wedding cakes, and I think Yes. It's not too late to decide to get married in Vegas*.

*yes, I am just kidding. Well, mostly anyway. And not about the flowers, beads and bright colours.


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