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Monday, March 27, 2006

From the Office: "No, Really" Edition

The Scene: Drek, the Former Hypothetical Roommate (FHR), Drek's Sainted Girlfriend (D'sSGF), and Drek's Other Officemate (DOO), are all in Drek's office. Drek has just checked his e-mail, noticing one piece from a particularly close friend of his.

Drek: Well, that's interesting.

FHR: What?

Drek: Seems a hospital in Jerusalem has found a rather novel solution to getting mothers to pay for giving birth.

DOO: Lemme guess: they keep the babies!

Drek: Yep.

D'sSGF and DOO laugh.

Drek: I'm not kidding, it's what they're actually doing.

D'sSGF: No way! They're actually keeping the babies until you pay?!

Drek: Yeah. Well, until you pay a deposit, anyway. If you have twins or triplets, though, they only keep the one. The rest you can take.

D'sSGF: Oh my god- that's terrible!

DOO: I bet you have to pay for care while they're being held, too.

Drek: Probably.

FHR: It'd have to be. Otherwise, it's just the cheapest daycare ever. I'd be like, "Wait, you want to take care of my kid for me? Shit, go for it."

Drek: Admittedly, I think you might be a special case.

FHR: True.

DOO: I wonder how they handle blood transfusions?

Drek: You probably don't want to know.


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