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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Introducing the Skepchicks.

As you can easily tell by examining the blogroll, I keep up with a decent number of blogs. Every so often one of these blogs dies, and thus has a line scratched through its name. Other times, a new blog creeps onto the blogroll, indicating that I have found it interesting enough to keep track of for a while. This is one of those times.

Allow me to introduce the Skepchicks a group of skeptical women that are determined to convince society at large that smart is sexy. How are they doing this you ask?

Well, the smart part is being covered by their regular online magainze "Skepchick" which includes a variety of material written by, or for, women. Of course, that this material is mostly scientific or skeptical in nature is a major plus. I find myself relatively certain that Skepchick will not someday feature a print-version of the crap that other sources of by women/for women media seem to revel in. What can I say? I like female-oriented media that doesn't assume that females are gullible morons. Skepchick hasn't been publishing long, but some of their articles give me considerable hope for their future.

As for the sexy part that, so far, is being dealt with through a calendar of skeptical women. Seriously. You can see the pictures from this year's calendar here on the Skepchick forums and apply to be in next year's calendar here, although I think the opportunity to apply has ended. Is a calendar of tasteful photographs of skeptical women really the best way to build awareness? I haven't the foggiest, and I sure as hell doubt it'll shatter all stereotypes, but they've got a pretty good discussion going on the subject, so you should go over and offer an opinion. If nothing else, it's certainly a strong statement that skeptics and scientists in general, and female intellectuals in particular, aren't necessarily what most people expect.

Finally, there is the blog, Memoirs of a Skepchick, written by Skepchick Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Watson. Some of the entries are funny, some of them are informative, and some are entirely too serious, but the vast majority are quite fascinating.

So, give the Skepchicks a warm-welcome, and maybe think about keeping track of their blog. I think we can expect good things from them in the future.


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