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Thursday, March 30, 2006


The Scene: Drek, the Former Hypothetical Roommate (FHR) Officemate #1 (OM1) and Officemate #2 (OM2) are returning from a trip to the student union to acquire coffee.

FHR: Hey Drek, it's your favorite people.

The FHR gestures at an elderly gentleman handing out pocket-sized copies of the New Testament. He, and his associates, appear on campus like locusts every few months.

Drek: Wonderful. I really wonder why they always hand out New Testaments.

OM2: You mean there's a new Testament? My god- I just got finished reading the old one!

The group laughs.

Drek: Yeah, didn't you know? It's a series.

OM2: Is Moses in this one? Wait- don't tell me! I want to read it for myself. I should have known there was another one. I mean, if the other one is the Old Testament, there must be a New one, right?

FHR: That makes sense. Is there anything that's old without there being a new one?

OM2: I guess I just thought it was like the Old Bailey. It's not like there's a New Bailey.

Drek: Good point.

OM1: There's Old Spice without there being a New Spice.

FHR: He's right.

Drek: On the other hand, there is a Baby Spice.

OM1: Shit, man, that was terrible.

FHR: No lie.

Drek: Yeah, yeah, I know. I think if I'd had better timing, though.

For those who are curious, no, I really don't think that I have decent names for my officemates. I'm open to suggestions, however, as OM2 was a bit annoyed at his previous acronym, DOO, exclaiming, "I'm named after shit?" Obviously, this is a problem for him. On the other hand, how often go I get to make references to the Spice Girls in the blog? Answer: Blessedly infrequently.


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Thought you might get a kick out of this:

The one and only bookmobile

Thursday, March 30, 2006 8:05:00 PM  

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