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Friday, March 10, 2006

Well done Sandra Day...

For those of you who didn't happen to be at Georgetown yesterday, former justice Sandra Day O'Connor had some good words to say about the deterioriating relationship between the Supreme Court and the Republican Party- particularly the evangelical wing of the Republican party which, of course, includes current president George W. Bush.

In particular, she asserted that the framers of the Constitution intended a strong independent judiciary to serve as a defender of the rights of the people against a rapacious government. Not that I'm implying that our government is growing more rapacious or anything.

O'Connor summed it up brilliantly as follows: "We must be ever vigilant aganst those who would strongarm the judiciary into adopting their preferred policies. It takes a lot of degeneration before a country falls into dictatorshship, but we should avoid these ends by avoiding these beginnings."

I don't have the actual text, but there's a pretty good report on NPR. Not to be missed. If anyone does know where I can find a transcript, please let me know.

The glory of Google images continues to astound me. A search for "with me or the terrorists," turned up this unexpected image. Seriously, what the hell?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I applaud her candor about all of this, but you'd think that all of these feelings would have given her pause when she decided to retire during Bush's term. I feel as if her words ring somewhat hollow because if she was really concerned about the direction the Republicans are taking vis a vis the courts, she wouldn't have allowed Bush & his cronies to nominate her successor.

Friday, March 10, 2006 10:52:00 AM  

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