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Friday, May 05, 2006

Best comment ever.

Every now and then I get comments on this blog. Sometimes they're interesting, sometimes they're not. Sometimes they're serious, and sometimes they're trying to sell me a product that can naturally increase my bust size by a factor of three! WOW! Yet, no matter how many comments I've received, I don't think that any of them will ever match this one in response to this post:

Howdy, I am Texino of Panama. I think that your posting about Mr. Greg Buell is well reasoned and given in a polite manner. I appreciate this, as I am the leader of an experimental African Church as well as the President (unelected) of the international banjo group and I must often take my share of harsh critique due to my claim of having an extra-natural staff i.e. Two Zombies, a Boogieman, a Bigfoot and the Mahoney family who are actually four brown bears participating in a project designed to see if they will eat their two cubs. My life is a difficult scientific swirl and coupled with my job with The ACP (panama canal) things do get confusing. Anyway, my staff and I salute you for your reasonable approach in the discussion of fine madness and hope that you would be so kind to Dr. Texino and his crew should some person complain that our existence is scary and we should be harshly blogged.

Thank You
Tomas Texino
The MECH Institute
Bocas del Toros
Republic of Panama

Either this is a surreal joke, or the biggest whackjob in the Western hemisphere. Okay, I exaggerate- the second biggest. Regardless, I am highly amused.

As a side note: Holy shit! Not only does our old pal Greg Buell have a new poem MP3 available, he has also apparently picked up a fan club! All I have to say is: where do I sign up?


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