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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I will grant: this is a little disturbing.

Some of you may remember a while back when I wrote a post about Republican congressional candidate and utter freak Tony Zirkle. At the time I commented that it was good that he was free to run, even if his position on punishing "pornographers" is a little unconventional. Please note that Zirkle did, in fact, propose using the guillotine for public executions. I can't really explain why he thought this would be a good idea, save to comment that perhaps he's spent too much time at particular sites on the old internets.

Well, to my great surprise, it appears that the voters in Zirkle's state don't find him quite as crazy as I do. As it turns out, he's almost competetive:

The race for Indiana's Second District Congressional seat is decided and it's a rematch from two years ago.

On the Republican side, with 86% of the precincts reporting late Tuesday night, Incumbent Chris Chocola has 70% of the vote.

Perhaps surprisingly, his outspoken opponent Tony Zirkle has claimed 30%

This is, believe it or not, double what Zirkle received in 2004 when he attempted the same thing. So, it appears that freakishness is gaining in popularity. It's possible, of course, that this is less about Zirkle and more about the unpopularity of his opponent, and we can all understand not wanting to be represented by a cartoon mascot, but I'm still a little bewildered.

Given all this, I think we can only imagine what might happen if the ASA elections were held in Indiana.


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