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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The news from Belgium

Twenty Belgian churches are currently being occupied by illegal immigrants who are desperately fighting their imminent deportation.

Read this extremely hostile version of the story; it was the only English language version I could find, and in a way it makes the idea clearer. You see, rather surprisingly, it looks like the Belgian catholic church will come down on the side of the immigrants. The papal nuntius declared that the Church will, as it has always done (has it?) supports the weakest members of our society, though it will not actively broker a political deal.

I am not sure what should happen to the (mostly muslim) occupants of the churches, but either way this is certainly a refreshing breeze in the old Church. My. They'll be feeding them rolls with chocolate spread before you know it.


Blogger perelaar said...

No wonder the article you refer to is hostile - the author has links with the extreme-right party Vlaams Blok (his wife is an MP for this party; he writes for several right-wing publications).

In fact, not only churches are giving asylum - some non-profit organisations do so as well.
Church asylum is only the "soft side" of the protests - more and more illegal immigrants are resorting to hunger strikes to force the government into accepting them in Belgium.
Taking into account the upcoming municipal elections (8 Oct) and the fact that extreme-right is expected to reach another record number of votes, I wonder if the very strong attitude of the current liberal/socialist government is not meant to lure away some votes from extreme-right...

For some less biased news on this, you might want to look here (html tags don't seem to work?)

Thursday, May 11, 2006 4:27:00 AM  

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