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Sunday, May 21, 2006

A trip around the world

Yesterday I attended a school show in my niece and nephew's primary school. The theme of said show was, you guessed correctly, A trip around the world. The topic was entirely appropriate from both an educational and a social perpective, since the school is a mix of Belgian, north and central African, Turkish and Middle Eastern children.


This is the list of countries places they dealt with:
- The U.S. (cowboys. McDonalds)
- Morocco (bellydancing)
- Africa (grass skirts)
- Belgium (chips and beer. and grass)
- Hawai'i (spelt "Hawai" - music from Lilo & Stitch, act based on a viewing thereof)
- Turkey (Tarkan*! and more belly-ish dancing)
- Iran (random song and dancing)
- Spain (bull fighting and stupid beach music)
- Portugal (Nelly Furtado song in Portugese)

This list may prompt any of the following questions:
- Isn't Morocco part of Africa?
- Isn't Hawai'i spelt like that, or even Hawaii?
- For that matter, isn't it part of the US?
- Isn't Nelly Furtado Canadian? Is she not, in fact, from lovely Victoria? Sure, of Portugese descent, but still; one does wonder if there is no Portugese music one could have used.
- What the hell happened to Asia and South America??

Maybe I should not be so critical of the efforts of a group of 3 to 12-year-olds. Maybe I should take into account the fact that for many people, Lilo & Stitch*** is all they know of Hawai'i. Maybe I should stop being so precise about geography and so picky about stereotypes. But I can't help finding it disappointing that in such a multicultural environment and with such motivated and obviously inventive teachers no one made any effort to dispel stereotypes or to be accurate, even about countries the kids know well.

Mind you, it was pretty funny.

*while browsing for a soundclip** I just found out he is GAY. The most popular Turkish artist for the last million years, universally adored (supposedly, and excepting the TDEC) and he is gay. We should have known; but the camp was well-camouflaged by the sheer volume of women.
**check out Simarik, the song in question, here. Regardless of what else you think of it, you have to admit that it is terribly, terribly catchy.
***btw, if you haven't seen it, do. Very very funny. Elvis. Aliens. What more could you possibly want?


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