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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The End of the Road

However much y'all have been enjoying the hiatus in my blogging, I'm afraid it must eventually come to an end. My gracious guest bloggers have done an outstanding job* but the lure of the written word, the online rant, and the poorly-constructed ass joke is simply too powerful for me to resist. And so, dear readers, I have returned.

Yet, have no fear. For those of you who have delighted at the antics of Tina, Cruffler, and Tom Bozzo, you may rest assured that you have not seen the last of them. Tom and I have decided to occasionally trade posts, so you can look forward to a bright future of my posts sometimes showing up on his blog, and his posts sometimes showing up here. Tina has conceded that, while her time constraints are still somewhat pressing, she will hang around and add the occasional post. I am, to put it mildly, thrilled to see her back in the blogosphere- even in such a slight way. And finally we come to Cruffler, who has decided to stay on and contribute a post now and then despite the lack of significant negative commentary about his posts. Personally, I think that's a good sign, but to each their own. With these three talented folks hanging around, I think we can look forward to much better posts in the future.

So what insights have I gleaned from my recent absence? Well, first off, I've discovered that a lengthy break from blogging can do the heart good. It's been nice not writing so often. Secondly, however, I've discovered that I miss blogging when I am away from it for very long. I find that I often notice something, or think about something, and then wish to share my thoughts with all of you. During my absence, when this was impossible, I felt the lack rather strongly. This feeling was not reduced in any way when I happened to encounter another blogger (who is as yet unknown to you) and felt an almost irresistable urge to talk shop.

I would like to tell you that this means that you can look forward to several long posts in the near future, but this is probably not entirely correct. I have things I wish to discuss- indeed I do- but I also have projects to get back on track. Yet, as often as I claim that my blogging will be stunted, it almost always seems to continue at a more or less normal pace. What can I say? I am either a terrible judge of my own blogging-drive, or a habitual liar. I leave it to you to decide which.

In the meantime, I would have liked to have supplied you with a selection of pictures from my recent trip, perhaps even including another photo of my Sainted Girlfriend but, alas, Blogger is being uncooperative. So, through no fault of my own, you will just have to imagine my vacation pictures. Especially the one of me clubbing a baby seal.

Oh, right, like you've never thought about it!

* I should probably note the major exception to this rule: my Former Hypothetical Roommate (FHR). Many of you may recall that I introduced him along with my other distinguished guest bloggers. Alas, he is the only one who not only failed to post- he failed to even accept the blogger invitation to post. Despite this, he assures me that he has two posts well thought-out and has only lacked the time to write them. There are a number of things I could say to him about this, but I think I will content myself with leaving the invitation open, and waiting to see when those two posts appear.

Oh, that and perhaps I will change his name to the "Former Hypothetical** Blogger." That does, after all, have quite the ring to it.

** This image, from this blog, is one of the handful that come up when you enter "hypothetical blogger" into google images. I just couldn't resist including it.


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