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Monday, June 12, 2006

Gay Marriage! Gay Marriage! Gay Marriage!

It shouldn't be a surprise, since the folks at Marginal Utility have their fingers on the pulse of the global zeitgeist, but since Kim's post on same-sex marriage, it's been all over the news.

First, we've got news of a plan up this way that two Canadian Mounties are planning to wed in their full mountie regalia (seriously, they really do dress that way), causing a small stir among those (mostly journalists) who want Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper to get his panties in a wad over it, thus ruining himself politically in a country that has a mostly "live and let live" attitude about the whole thing.

Then, we learn that Spain's Parliament has given final approval to its law recognizing same-sex marriage. The Pope is none too happy about that. I guess he had his hopes hung on Spain, while he had already written Canada off.

Finally, we hear that Westchester County, the wealthy suburbs to the north of New York City, is going to be the first county in New York to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, though clearly this is a mostly symbolic victory, as most marriage benefits are doled out at the state and federal, rather than the county, level of government.

All in all, it's good news for sociologists working in lesbian and gay activism. Perhaps Pat Robertson will come up with another of his fantastic quotes about God punishing our sinful world for the dedication page of my book.


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