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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Notes from the New World

I am now officially TDEC no more, in the sense that the position of Total Drek European Correspondent does presuppose that one should be located in, well, Europe. At least, that is what I would assume; maybe it just means that I have to be European, which I obviously still am and plan to remain. What I mean is that I am now, and soon to be officially, a part of the US's flourishing immigrant population. That whole process has not been helping my posting frequency, but there you go, one day you are a happy corporate slave in Hungary, and the next you are indulging in cohabitation and unemployment in the land of the, er, free.

Btw, if I had no other reasons for supporting gay marriage, then the prospect of two Mounties marrying in full ceremonial uniform would be quite enough to convince me. Also, let me add that while they do dress that way, they only do so very rarely and on special occasions. This fact caused me many disappointments when I was in Canada.


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