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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thoughts on the "War on Terror"

Today we have reports of the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Personally I'm glad he's dead. As for why it has come to this...that's probably more than one blog entry. I'll tackle something shorter. Somewhere along the way, Zarqawi and his friends were labeled terrorists. While I can probably be convinced that terrorism is bad, it's harder to convince me of who is a terrorist. If we define a terrorist as someone who practices terrorism, I would have to label Patrick Henry and the Founding Fathers as terrorists. The winners write the history books, and now we view them as heroes and people like Nathan Hale as martyrs. There has to be some difference between a terrorist and a patriot other than whose side you're on and it's not just tactics. I spent some time in the federal gun club so I understand the necessity to resort to guerrilla warfare when the opposing force is overwhelmingly superior. I can even understand the use of “terror” tactics against combatants. In most cases I'll also extend that to political and ideological leaders. What I can't forgive is killing people who are marginally involved in the conflict. For example, blowing up the restaurant frequented by your opponent. The owner and workers are only there to make a living. The other patrons are completely uninvolved. Punishing them for a result of circumstance is unconscionable. On the other hand, if you provide a safe hiding place for the opponent then you have now taken an active part in the conflict. To me, that makes you a valid target. I would like to believe something like this led to the reported massacre in Haditha. Time will tell and hopefully this will be a justified occurrence. If not, that's why we have a military justice system. Maybe that's the only real difference. Terrorists are beholden only to themselves. Freedom fighters are held responsible by the people they claim to represent.


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