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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The World Cup

This year is World Cup year, and of course I mean the FIFA World Cup. As I am now in the US, I find myself almost missing the ubiquitous references to it. Oddly enough, I have even found myself watching the odd match. This is strange because not only could I not possibly care less, but Belgium, my own team, failed to qualify, depriving me of all nationalist motivation to watch it. Of course some of this match-watching is due to Slag, who is abusing my lack of a social life and foolish post-nuptial enjoyment of his company to get me to watch games. To give you just one example - on our mini-moon last weekend we spent the best of Saturday afternoon in front of a small tv in a Mexican restaurant, watching the Italy-US match.

You know what? It was a really good match. The US deserved to win, yes, really. They play Ghana tomorrow; if I were you I'd watch it.


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