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Friday, July 28, 2006

ASA Preview...

Those of you in the audience who are sociologists are more likely than not preparing for the annual orgy* of sociological work, the ASA Annual Meeting. This is a time when we can gather as a community, bringing the best papers we could produce eight months earlier when our submissions were due, and then attempt to avoid going to as many panels as possible. That is, I assume, what most people do at these things, anyway, since I can never seem to get through the conference center lobby without falling over legions of social scientists busy with their laptops. I'm sure they'd like me to believe they're analyzing data, but I've seen too many screens where the user was tensely trying to decide whether or not to play the black queen on the red king to believe it.

In any case, this year's meeting is in the fine city of Montreal, which is famous not merely for being located in a scary foreign country (Canada!) but also for having some of the most baffling architecture ever. More specifically, Montreal is in Quebec, which has a substantial French influence from before the British Empire kicked the French the hell out of Northern North America. Based on stories I have heard about Quebec, I look forward to being told "Fuck you" in a language I don't understand, and will likely think sounds charming. This will be a nice change from normal, when I either understand the language, or read a similar sentiment in some sort of bizarre internet pidgin version of English. For example, "hey. u r a losur. u suck and jesus is LORD OF EVERYTHING!!!!1 and u will burn because u r stoopid."

As we're all getting ready for the ASAs, and waiting to hear about the annual blogger's get-together, I thought I'd ask: what is everyone presenting on this year, anyway?

Past readers (back before Pub Sociology disappeared to electronic Valhalla) may remember that for a previous ASA meeting I brought a paper titled, "Learned Helplessness and the Academic Mind, or, Why won't my advisor return my phonecalls?"

This year I'm continuing that line of work with a follow-up study:

"Stockholm Syndrome and Graduate School, or, Now my advisor doesn't even respond by e-mail! What do I need to do, set his house on fire?!"

I hope you'll all join me for what should be a joyous panel.

So what is everyone else bringing?

* From what I can tell "orgy" may be an appropriate term as well, given the sheer amount of hooking up that seems to occur.


Blogger Jeff said...

Well I've never joined the annual bloggers suare because I've either been too busy hooking up or playing cards on my laptop, but I'll be presenting two papers this year.

One, with Omar The Great, takes up the snobbish skepticism so many hold toward consumers of Che Guevara's image. We take up emerging sociological theories of memory, cultural consumption, and new social movements to understand who is most likely to remember Che. Read all about it here.

The other, with Steve, Christine, and Rachel (most of us will be known as "et al."), takes an experimental look at gender interactions and their impact on language. Under which conditions do men and women speak in rule- or relationally-oriented terms? And how did I wind up with a social psych paper? Here's the paper.

Sunday, July 30, 2006 8:19:00 PM  

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