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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Last of the Big 3: Domino's

The last of the the big contenders is Domino's. I remember Domino's as the choice when schools had pizza parties. Really it could have been because it was the closest one. I know a lot of people that claim they're the best, but my impression from those days was that it was light on the sauce. Honestly I don't remember having Domino's pizza since grade school so a lot of things might have changed. Gone are the days of 30 minutes or it's free, but the sign at the store claims “The Delivery Specialists.” Don't know about that, but we'll check out what's in the box.

The crust might be the best so far. It has some type of small seeds at the bottom and a thin crispy shell. The insides were nice and soft. Slice support was great. The crust edges were the thinnest ones so far, barely smaller than the Pizza Hut ones. What was surprising was that the crust edges were actually pretty tasty. I would actually eat them as breadsticks. I kept trying to figure out what made this crust different and then I found it: it was undercooked. There was a thin layer of uncooked dough that I thought was cheese until I disassembled a slice. I'm not complaining. This seems to work pretty well.

The cheese was more oily than the Pizza Hut but less than Papa John's. The paper towel test comes up with something that could be a handprint, but it would be a very eroded handprint. Coverage as good, with only minor sauce exposure near the crust edges. No signs of melted shreds. The ham was on top of the cheese with minor toasting on the edges.

The taste test went very well. It was not as light on the sauce as I remember. The ham was a nothing to get excited about, but it wasn't bad. The cheese was not stringy at all. The crispy layer in the crust was great along with the chewiness of the uncooked layer. I don't know if the seeds count as crust enhancement. What I had in mind as crust enhancement were like sauces, stuffed crusts, flavored crusts, and the like. I think the seeds are there to keep the pizza from sticking to the oven, but they seem to work well on the tastebuds also.

I was pleased with the Domino's offering, specially after the disappointment with Pizza Hut. I guess under the competition pressure Domino's has really stepped up their quality. They have a lot of promotion offers for getting large quantities of pizza so I suspect they're still the choice for large group pizza gorgement. Given this experience I would have to say it's a good choice. Next up will be the first of the wild card entrants: Hungry Howie's.


Blogger TDEC said...

It's been some time since I've had their pizza, but I do remember Domino's being by far the best of the big three. I'm a food snob though, born and raised amid first-generation Italian immigrants, so I do prefer the thin crust original.

Thursday, July 20, 2006 7:52:00 AM  

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