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Friday, August 11, 2006


For those who are curious after reading my last post, yes I have arrived in Montreal. You will not, however, see me at the conference in the immediate future as my luggage is apparently elsewhere. Given my unconventional day yesterday I rather expect it is on its way to Mars by now. My attempt to confirm this online was thwarted by an inept baggage tracking system, although it did possess the charming feature of being virtually impossible to find. Way to go! The automated phone system for checking the same information was slightly more helpful in that it at least provided a cheerful, "We don't know anything yet, so fuck you."

Yesterday ended fairly successfully with a cab ride to my hotel, shared with another stranded traveller from the U.S., and a delightful dinner composed of convenience store egg salad sandwiches.* Once the coffee finishes taking effect this morning I will probably venture out in search of a store where I can purchase things like underwear, pants, and a shirt. Oh, and a hairbrush. Right now I look like squirrels have been nesting.

I'll let you know if anything interesting happens.

Well, shit, interesting to me anyway.

* If you haven't had the pleasure, imagine soggy cardboard mixed with an odd sulphurous odor and yellow food coloring. After a day of eating almost nothing other than the aforementioned (in an earlier post) "Spinzels," however, I was pleased to have it. That realization alone is nearly sufficient to make me wish that my fellow passenger had honored my request that he stab me to death with my own pen.**

** Yes, yes, I'll stop bitching now. It's tiresome for us all.


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